CL and I Love Corporate Xmas shows

 The Portland Regency folks really know how to host a great Party...The Regional Manager's Christmas Party for The Circle K stores invited CL to bring the laughs to a fun filled gathering.
Thanks to Scott for hiring me and David at the Regency for another great Corporate gig!

These folks really made it fun for CL and I to point out "Things That Ain't Right"...working on editing the video for exhibit A as proof!

Holiday Special 2 new videos!

Yup officially in "The holiday season" we got right on it with 2 NEW videos
And look for a few more down the road that will address the dreaded "Holidaze Shopping"...
Follow this link

Enjoy and share share share!

New Links for all CL Thomas "That Ain't Right" videos

Sorry for any inconvenience but discovered the links had a shelf life.. (still don't know why) follow this link to the PPMTV link and look for all CL videos on left as you scroll down....heres hoping this has no delete time.

Thanks and one coming up every week!!!

New CL episode. ..Spooky!

Here's the link..Enjoy and comment ..oh yea and SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

CL Thomas Episode 3 of Things That Aint Right..."Sizes"

This episode was up on the web then lost in cyber world so here it is up again...Enjoy and keep coming back for new weekly episodes!

2nd Episode of "Other Things That Aint Right"

Click the above link for episode 2 ... See what happens when CL goes shopping!

CL is on TV!!! in Portsmouth And Portland

 Episode 1 is here Thanks sooo much to Bill Humphries and his crew at PPMTV.  What we did was re-shoot some of my old videos I self produced (all new ones coming soon)....they now have a professional look and sound with our nice theme music ....I'll be posting a new video here weekly....Look for us on Comcast Ch 98 in the NH Seacoast where they gave us a regular spot on Wed nights...  and soon to be in Portland CTN5 Portland.  Both stations have websites and hoping to announce more stations throughout Maine soon!

Thank you Kittery!!

What a great crowd! The Star Theater show this past Saturday  was one for the books!
So nice to see sooo many friends and familar faces.
Thanks to Jeremy and Todd and Kristen and all the staff at the Kittery Community Center. ..they have a great PR and support system that really makes it easy to produce your own show...(fellow artists take note). Also have to thank my great sponsors...Paul at The Dinnerhorn Restaurant and Don at Pitbull Painting...also Bill and Wendy and bartender Jamie from Love of Food and drink .com catering too

Pictures below don't do justice to the fun had by CL and myself..and dare I say ..the crowd had fun too!!!
Next "local show" Nov 11 at The York Harbor Inn for their "Lobster Lovers Weekend"..4th Yr in a row I'm the headline entertainment for that event!
Love repeat bookings!
Cya ya there buddy!

Friends and fans both old and new

Wife's to the right  husbands to the left..not sure why? 

Kittery Show for CL and TTTom

Calling all locals who've told me they'll come to a show when I'm close!!
The time is NOW...well actually this Sat 16th 8pm at The Star Theater at the Kittery Community Center..follow this link for tix..

Cya there!

Declaring last show of the season.."Locals Special"..and last week's show THE BEST!

Thanks to the almost full house of last below..a crowd there to laugh, soooo much fun from beginning to end!!
With that in mind wanting to end the season with a bang ..calling all locals out with a special 2 for 1 deal to Kport residents. ..hope to see all my friends and fans there to help celebrate. ..end of season and my birthday (Sept 3rd)'ll have to stop in to see how old I really am
There ya go buddy!

3 nice couples upfront back to back to back..apologies to lady on left my bad! 

Great crowd stage right. ..laughing all the way! 

Not winding down...more like "All wound up!!!"

More fun on Monday Maine Comedy Night at The Colony Hotel!
Summer is flying by with just a few more shows, so get in on the fun while it last ...right up to Mon Sept 4th Labor Day!
Cya there buddy!

Cool couple from Boston Burbs!

Great group with my " fancy burlap curtain background "
Family with 2 boys ..CL got them involved in the fun!!!

Another show in the books, more fun, and a few more shows left.

The hits keep coming as the old DJ's used to say (being one, I can say that!)
What lacked in numbers made up in enthusiasm and love ...see the love below!
We are winding down the season..but no reason to hold back on the laughs.
Come be a part of CL Thomas at The Colony Hotel Monday Night Maine Comedy at 8 pm


Fun on the other side of crowd too...except lady below..

Still not sure why she was hiding!

Right in the thick of it now!! Summer shows at The Colony

Some pics from last week's show and can't wait for tonight! This is what summer's all about fun sun and lots of laughs!
Come be part of it 8pm Colony Hotel Kennebunkport FMI 207 967 3331

Blurry back row time sit upfront LOL

Mom and 2 sons...The boys liked TTTom's voices and CL's attention !

More back row fans trying to hide 

Great 2 weeks of shows!! Just catching up to post fun pics!!!

With apologies to my first 3 weeks of crowds, last night's audience was the best of the season! Talk about fun, interactive, and there to laugh..Wow! CL and TTTom  can't remeber having more fun on stage! Join in the fun next Mon night and let's kick off August  with more of the same.
See pics below from both this week and last.
Cya Monday at 8pm..There ya go buddy!!

Great laughers on the left side of the room last night!

Fans from past show in Leominster Ma..above and below. Always good to see repeat fans 

Last week show youngest fan! A great smile

Friends from Portsmouth made the drive!

Took pic of front row and didn't realize had "witness protection" fans behind 

A Small world and such a good time as 2nd Show in the books

Another small world story ...couple at my show last night from town I lived in 5th -9th grade...Brookville Md. Love my job making new friends was couples night!!!! See the only 2 pics that came out below!
Join the crowd next Mon 8pm and see why ..CL Thomas says..."Things Ain't Right!"

The nice couple from Brookville Md

Great way to kick off the season...3 generations

So happy to see a great crowd for our first show....and especially a group of  smiling faces belonging to a family of 3 generations...also visitors from Rhode Island and a couple "coming back to make Maine home again" part?..2 thumbs up from youngest members of the 3 Gen dig this ole guy!
Looking forward to more smiles all summer long ...Every Monday. ..Be there or be square!
There ya go buddy!

Kids(2 thumbs up) with Grandma to right Gramps behind and Mom to left

Waving HI to say great to come back home to Maine

Dad n Mom in the middle of the 3 generations! 

New Night CL Thomas starts tomorrow at Colony Hotel

Yes CL Thomas summer show is back at The Colony Hotel 8pm new night MONDAY
So glad to get back in The Rose room..and it's our 5th year

It's offical! Back for our 5th Season at The Colony Hotel

Now it's "Monday Night is Maine Comedy Night" at The Colony in Kennebunkport ...they moved us to Mondays to start you vacation week off with a laugh!  CL and I are so excited to be back for our 5th summer giving both, guests and local folk a taste of our brand of Maine humor!
Same time 8pm with a $15 door charge but a discount for hotel guests ..all starting Monday July 3rd
Be there or be square!!!

View just outside the showroom

Great day show at Meetinghouse Village, Kittery Me.

Love entertaining at Retirement Communities...CL Thomas and TTTom's Stand up got high praise all around!... And in the words of another star..."I'll be back"!!!

Front 2 rows center of attention  
Side group checking out "The Heckler!"..all in good fun!!

Guess who's The Boss...hint only person wearing a tie
 Oh and did I say it was Monthly birthday celebration also?
Comedy AND Cake!!!
There ya go buddy!!!

SRO Crowd at The York Harbor Inn

Ok it was a smaller room in the Pub area but still a real nice crowd and sooo much fun.
Folks on vaca for the weekend from NY, Vermont, Ma and even The Lone Star State of Texas....all enjoying CL and some good ole Downeast laughs

"Vacationers from Ma and NY with the Texas Belle back right!
Center of attention young man wouldn't give his age

Vermont up front, a bit too up front , they were about a foot away from me!
Like I said SRO crowd.

This Sun back at The York Habor Inn for Pres Weekend..

Come and stay the whole weekend
Click below for all the info

We always have a great time with a great crowd!!!
Be there or be Square

The link for Video of Star Theater Show, as promised

So above is the link for a quick look at the fun we had at The Star Theater....ENJOY!

{tech tells me its too big to post directly here,,,aint got a clue why!...cept "That Aint Right!!]

Star Theater Show, Kittery Me. A HUGE success!

Thank you Thank you Thank you
To all my friends and fans, old and new, who made up a great crowd last Sat night!
Sorry it's taken me this long to post this [life keeps me busy] and it took me a good 24hrs to stop smiling because of the great time CL and I had at the Star Theater....I can't say enough about the top notch operation they run there. Thanks to Jeremy and his staff... plus Todd and all his PR work...rumor has it we were the top turn out for a 1st time solo artist the Theater has ever seen!!!
Hope to post a short video as soon as I get to editing!...Meanwhile here's a few unedited pics
Thanks again
Up front folks with theater starting to fill before show

My "foliclly challenged" fan stage right who was a great sport!

Co-worker fans and family...Thanks Amy!

Bringing my show HOME to Kittery

So excited to be performing in my backyard and to have the local sponsorship of Dinnerhorn/ Bratskellar Restaurant and my friends at Pitbull Painting
This will be a fun show and hope to see all my fans
that have been asking "when ya gonna be nearby ?"
Tickets call 207 439 3800 or go to
So there ya go buddy!