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TTTom is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is also a member of the New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association and the Maine Inkeepers Association. He is a guest columnist for NH Hospitality News. 

TTTom Clark knows the food service industry. He's been a waiter, a bartender, and House Manager. He can view the hospitality industry from all angles. Combine this with a 25-year career as a successful stand up comic and you get the perfect speaker or presenter for your next hospitality-focused event.

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“If you’re in the hospitality business, the face of your employees is one of the factors that separate you from the competition. Tom does an excellent job of putting a smile on that face and putting the customer first. If you have yet to try his services, you might end up crying in your beer.” - Jerry Prial, General Manager/President, Redhook Ale Brewery

TTTom is a also a successful corporate speaker, combining entertainment and information to help your company facilitate solutions to your corporate challenges.

He's a Member of the National Speakers Association, an Allied Member of the New Hampshire Restaurant & Lodging Association, and an Allied Member of the Maine Innkeepers Association.

“The Challenges, Choices & Changes of the Hospitality Manager”
“We challenged Tom to entertain and educate our attendees. His humor, his experience in the hospitality industry and his hospitality message were the perfect combination to end our meeting. Not only did he meet our expectations, he exceeded them!” - Greg Dugal, Executive Director, Maine Innkeepers Association
“Managing your Servers from Slackers to Superstars -- How to Excite, Involve and Empower Your Employees”
Presented to students at The Culinary Insititute of America, Hyde Park, NY

Under the banner of “The Zagat Lecture Series on Service”, a series that is “dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of hospitality and improving service in restaurants across the country and around the world,” TTTom delivered his newest talk to future Food Server Managers at the CIA.

“Tom uses humor in telling stories that grab the attention of the most cynical restaurant employee...I would recommend this program to any restaurant who feels their servers don’t perform at 100%...”
Dave Evans, Co-owner, The Great Lost Bear Restaurant

“The No-Me Challenge -- Challenging Servers to Bring Their Best to the Table™”

“Our employees thoroughly enjoyed Tom’s performance. They left feeling better about their jobs, themselves, and their customers. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to “raise the bar” in their hospitality service operation…”
Gary Dominguez, Innkeeper, York Harbor Inn

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