C.L Thomas back on the web with new video

After a great summer of live shows C.L. and I headed into the basement to ask
"what's worse than identity theft?

There ya go Buddy!

Boston Comic Legend Mike Donovan gives C.L.Thomas CD a BIG Thumbs Up!

My friend and comic mentor Mike Donovan was kind enough to pen these words after listening to my C.L.Thomas CD.."How To Be a Better Tourist"...Mike's a guy who's been called "a comic's comic" He's been on The A list of Boston's comedy scene since the beginning..A National Act who has been an influence on most every comic out of Boston [including myself]
 I was humbled at his kind words!
Thanks Mike

  It's better than great. I loved it. Perfectly done. Touching, subtle
hilarious, a total case of less is more. By not trying too hard
you put forth a supreme effort. One of the best things I ever
heard. I hope it lasts a thousand years. The Storrow Drive
thing I couldn't hear it all I was laughing so hard. The opening
53 seconds of the CD is beautiful. You can't afford to be a gentle man
in the clubs, but on a studio CD, you can be as nice as you want to be, as
a lot of us wish we could be, but the rough club scene won't us.
Wonderful pacing. Just tremendous. Stirring. How I love excellence!
Made my day. Fuckin great.
Mike Donovan
Also for more on all that Mike does [he's a published historian and frequent guest on WBZ radio]
Again thanks Mike!
Be like Mike and hear what he's talking about..get your copy of the CD on this site at the TTTomTalks Store!

A New Fan from the Summer Says This:

Wow this just in....some really nice words about C.L. Thomas and our show!....Just another reason I love my job!

What I love about Tom's show is his hilarious  stand up followed by outstanding fresh Maine humor. All audiences will connect, enjoy laugh out loud belly laughs, and experience two awesome performances from one very funny comedian. Keep it coming, Tom.
..Daniel Stevenson,  Economic & Community Development Director, Biddeford, Maine
Thanks so much Daniel and I get to do it again next summer at The Colony Hotel...but hopefully you won't have to wait that long!
Check back for new dates or better yet tell someone you know to book this show!
There ya go buddy