Sold out show!...well..ok 2 seats were left! But What a Show!!

Even with the heat and humidity they came...Families [one with teenager, one with 10 yr old girl] and retired folks and other folks "from away" and they ALL loved CL!  New things "that ain't right" worked..tried and true went well, all laughs, laughs, laughs!!
Thanks so much to all who came bought CD's and had nice things to say after the show! See the pics and guess who won a CD too!
This is just about half way through the season with five more shows left...time really does fly when you're having fun. Make sure you're part of it!  Call ahead to reserve YOUR seat 967 3331
Thurs nights at The Colony Hotel with CL Thomas!

Family 3rd row back..teen added to the fun!

Young lady 2nd row giving me "the sign" as couples in back roar and
Yup CD winners front and center