Sucessful summer is SOOO many ways!

Where to start? First big thanks to the great staff at The Colony Hotel!
Derick and his crew down in The Marine Room helped me produce a great show throughout the summer and were a big part of the laughs and positive feedback I got from all the happy guests!
Take a bow!
Next my fans, old and new...I was hoping the change of venue would help attendance of the shows...but had NO idea how many old friends aka "Locals" would show up!
Thanks to all of you... and love having all the new fans showing support with words of encouragement after the shows...seeing the families and vacationers enjoying both C.L. and TTTom keeps me going...and speaking of going....
YES I will be back...The Colony management was nice enough to confirm they would like me to comeback next season!!!!
So thank you, thank you, and thank YOU!
Look for the return of C.L. "Weakley Thoughts" here on the internet. Also a Newsletter is in the making so you can all sign up this Fall as hopefully C.L. Thomas and I will keep smiling all year round!
There ya go buddy!
My biggest fan yet![6'9''] with his wife hiding behind to the left and to the way back one VERY unhappy teen..who later smiled as C.L. told him it was ok to be out with his MOM!

Saving the Best for Last...Almost!

Near the end of our Summer Season of shows at the Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport and last night's show was one of the best!
People from all over ... Mass [shout out to my #1 fan from Worcester and his wife] NJ, NY [upstate, they are VERY specific to say that!] NH and neighbors from the north Montreal! a special guest, a doggy from NJ who was very well behaved, only heckled me twice!!! The Colony is a dog friendly Hotel!
Also more family dropped by, niece Jenny and her Man Kevin. also nephew Donny. All locals who gave C.L the thumbs up as the real deal!.
We all had a great time!
Love to go out with a bang next week for the last show...Looking for a FULL HOUSE!
You can make it happen!
Be there 
There ya go Buddy!!

Canadian Fan having fun!
Happy Ladies,  But the  Dog in back is getting bored!!!


Most Diverse Crowd Yet at The Colony Hotel C.L.Thomas Shows

Most of the Northeast was represented as fans from Vt. NJ  NY [both upstate and "da Bronx"]  Mass. and of course Maine all showed up to make for a great, almost full house, last night for C.L.Thomas and me! Family from "Main St". Boston as well as Mom and Daughter from Burlington Vt.  made for a fun family show!
Need better light for my photo opts below with an apology to the great couple from NJ who's pic was WAY out of focus but who took a nice photo with me BEFORE the show[hope they can email it to me for me to share with you folks here!]
Winding down the summer with 2 more shows left ...stay tuned for Big News for this Fall too!
See you at The Colony 8pm next week!
There ya go buddy!

Vermont Mom and Teen having fun!

Family and Friends made this week's show special

Loved having my vacationing family at C.L.Thomas show this week! All my siblings 'cept one, and my niece and her husband and his daughter all the way from jolly old London town...loved getting heckled by a Brit! a C.L.FIRST!!!
The "cept one " was my sister who is babysitting her new grandson [the aforementioned visitors 3month old boy Nelson]...yup ole TTTom's a Great Uncle!
Be there next week to see what new fun appears!
Colony Hotel Kennebunkport 8pm
There ya go Buddy!

Nephew in Law and his daughter getting front row laughs!

August Shows start with a nice n cool crowd!

The Heat wave is over so the only ones sweating were these folks from laughter!
Check out these new fans all the way from Nebraska, Daughter and Friend and Mom and Aunt behind them!
Apologies to the other side of the room looking here for your pictures...the lighting didn't pick up your smiling faces!
Hope to see more new fans next week. Be part of the fun at The Colony Hotel Thurs 8pm
There ya go Buddy!
Love Mid West fans!!!