What a way to finish the Season!

Thanks to all the best crowds and the nicest people I've had the pleasure to meet this summer!
Last night was no exception, with folks from Montreal Canada, Sturbridge Ma, and Falmouth Cape Cod Ma. All had a great time at The Colony Hotel.
Plus the best news is The Colony has asked us back for the summer of 2015!!!!
I guess what Grace at the front desk said to me last night is true...."Tom people LOVE you"...thanks so much to ALL the staff there for a great season!
See the pics below of some of last night's great crowd!

My Montreal fans!

Retired teacher and his wife thought C.L.was a "genius"!

A "LOCAL'S" special price so..Lets go out with a bang!!!

C.L. and I are wrapping up another fun season at The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport..with a special deal for all LOCALS...2 for 1 price at the door...come in with a smile leave with a laugh!!!
Hope to see ya there! A short sample of the show below
Look for more news on future shows here....some new venues [hint...we may be going back to sea!]

Summer is NOT over yet!..Just ask this crowd!

Another fun show with new fans from South Carolina, who taught me more about the southern accent....along with folks from Auburn Ma and Syracuse NY and a group from Berwick Academy [wonder how THAT happened?] A small but mighty fun crowd!
So here's the pics, as promised to the fans, and look for an offer for ALL LOCALS from Kennebunkport for tickets for next week's LAST show of the season.
Stay tuned!

Great laughers from Auburn Ma.

My southern rebel yellers!

Upstate NY fans with more folks from the south behind!

Weld, Maine my new home town!!!

What a great show C.L. and I had last night for the Webb Lake Assoc. in beautiful Weld Me.
Such a great crowd and the old fashion venue of the Weld Masonic Hall.  A special shout out for the hospitality given to us by Jon Holmes and his tour of special sites of Weld....yes there are quite a few!
Not as many pictures as I'd like but I will say the folks in Weld are now on the top of my lst for favorite audiences!
Thanks sooo much for the wonderful time and hospitality...oh yea and the laughs!

Family in 2nd row in from Long Island NY asked for
a business card....look out NYC!..not sure if they're ready for C.L.

My host 3rd row with my intro still in his shirt pocket
Thanks Jon and happy anniversary...long story.

PS ...this review just in from Vice President Jon Holmes:
"The Webb Lake Association of Weld, Maine held their annual meeting August 15th and as always, had entertainment after. TTTOM CLARK from Kittery came up to perform for us. WHAT A GREAT SHOW!! TTTom had us all in stitches the entire evening! We have had many entertainers here in Weld but TTTom stole the show. I have talked with many folks since the show and everyone was very pleased with his “acts”. If you are looking for Maine humor at its best, give TTTom a shout. You will NOT be disappointed!!!"—Jon Holmes, V.P. of the WLA!!

Aug shows start just fine thank you!

Haven't posted in a couple of weeks but last night and last week shows were more great crowds...not huge in numbers but mighty in fun!
Last night had repeat fans from years back at The Rhumb Line Resort and the nicest compliment,
Woman said " You put your heart n soul into this show!"...so sweet to say.
Some of these pics aren't the greatest but I told the fans I'd post them anyway!

Show 2 weeks ago this guy had BIG fun!

My former lawyer and family and solo lady
who really did love the show too! 
"Young couple" from last show 

Repeat fans with more friends

"Heart and Soul" fan in the stripes!

Hope to see more and more fans as we come down to the last few summer weeks!

July shows end with a bang...Cant wait for August Crowds!

Wow what a fun crowd last night...both C.L. and TTTom worked them and had more laughs on both sides of the mike ...BIG fun. New fans from Columbus Ohio, N. Andover Ma . San Fran Calif....and a foursome from ALL over who couldn't wait for the Blueberry Pie!!!...[long story!]
Below are some pics to show for it ...Shoot me an email if you were at this show..love to hear from my new fans.... C.L. and I cant wait to see who we meet in August!
Hope its YOU!

The show's about to start

Couple from N.Andover with" Smaht blonde" behind them

He's sitting on a book he brought in...Really!.
.Not sure why..maybe thought he'd be bored!..Didn't happen!