C.L. Thomas to hit the Boston Stand up Clubs!!

Its gonna be fun...and an experince to transition my alter ego Maine Character "C.L. Thomas" from character one man show to a 7 min stand up showcase. It's happening at 2 of the best stand up clubs in Beantown. First showcase will be at Dick's Beantown Comedy Vault in Remingtons Restaurant on Boylston St Oct 20th at my friend Chris Zito's Comedy Sandbox Show 8pm start FMI http://www.dickdoherty.com/ ..Then next month Nov 3rd at The Comedy Studio at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Sq. Cambridge Ma. FMI http://www.thecomedystudio.com/ .  This is where owner and long time bud Rick Jenkins runs the only true "Industry" room in the Boston area [i.e. NY and LA producers come to see whats new ALL the time!]
Rick has challenged me to bring my A game for this short quick set and to see how Boston comedy fans receive C.L....I'm feeling the love already!
This really is exciting. So if you have the time I'd love to see a supportive crowd at both venues.
Oh and I've come up with an official title for my guy...C.L.Thomas "The Ambassador from Maine"!!!!
There ya go Buddy