This Old Dog Learning Some not so New Tricks

 I survived my first Yoga class! My wife and I signed up for an 8 week 90 min beginners class and this first morning after, I feel better than I thought I would. The instructor had us reaching, breathing and stretching, using muscles that I thought might scream at me today but all in all it was great and I'm looking forward to the next 7 weeks.  FYI
So why do I share this life tidbit on this blog?  Well whenever my professional life slows down a tad its interesting that I get to remind myself how life isnt about running the fastest "Rat Race", rather it should be about expanding and experiencing new things, places and ideas.  No big revelation just a gentle reminder to myself to appreciate what I've been given, enjoy it and to share it freely!
Also I would be remiss if I didnt thank my wife for leading me towards this class thus allowing me to experience this lesson. I'm a lucky man!
So I guess it goes under the old adage "to stop and smell the roses".
Heres to this Old Dog re-learning to at least slow down and inhale...and hoping that we all take the time to do so!
There ya go buddy!