Loved Lobster Lovers Weekend show last night!

So they had to bring in more seats as the calls came in all day for  the show at The York Harbor Inn and to say we all had a great time would be an understatement...From the couple from"upstate NY" to the locals [see pics] not sure who had more fun, C.L. or the crowd.
CD's and the new bumperstickers were flying out the door.
 Thanks to Greg,  Paul and all the staff at York Harbor Inn!
 Can't wait to be back in Feb
See you all again!
Locals to the right, fun to the left
 full room all around!
Great Show!

Fun folks from Upstate NY

Returning Sat Nov 14th for 3rd year at the York Harbor Inn 9pm show

Its called Lobster Lover's Weekend at the York Harbor Inn, I just call it fun, fun, fun,... Three times because this is the 3rd year in a row C.L.Thomas and I have been ask to be the featured entertainment.
They serve lobster all 3 meals the whole weekend and I have a baked boiled and stuffed good time on stage as C.L. interacts, as always, with the crowd to make it a Sat night of laughs!
Show time is 9pm $10 just for the show or call ahead and stay the whole weekend!
Call for reservations, they tell me this WILL sell out!
FMI 207 363 5119

Our new Promo picture...whatdya think buddy???

Late posting of last show..but with a good reason

So the big birthday show last week at the Colony Hotel was big and last and great! Here are pics of the crowd

A near sell out which is a great way to end the season...and as mentioned last week...We have been asked back for what will be our FOURTH season!
Now the reason for this late posting is that to celebrate my big bday of 6 decades on the planet my wife and I escaped to Kirpalu Retreat..a Yoga & Meditation Resort out in Western Mass.. for some unbelievable R&R...see the pic below of the view from our room for the main reason it took me so long to get back to the real world and post this...more details of the retreat and upcoming shows later this week.
There ya go buddy


Good news..Great news and a Great offer

The Good news? I thought Aug ended my shows at The Colony...turns out Labor day is the official end so management has asked me to do another show next Thursday Sept you have one more week to catch the show there...the great news is The Colony has declared this season as another success and asked us back for the 2016 season!! OUR 4th year!!! Thanks to all the great crowds and and kind words that helped add to our the great offer?...well as luck would have it next Thurs is not only the last show BUT its my Birthday as well...and what better way of celebrating then asking all of you who read this to come as MY GUEST..yup my last show this season will be FREE to all who mention this website.
Thanks for a great season and come help me celebrate the end of my 5th decade [yea you do the math..its a big bday!]
Below are pics from last night's fun filled crowd

The Fort Meyers Group...with Dorthy from Kansas[?] far back right

Just waiting for the fun to start!

Some in the crowd took advantage of ME!

NO not that way crazy people....folks asked about the discount they saw here on my website...nice to know crowds not only coming to enjoy the show but looking us up here on the web too!...We had a great group mostly from New England with some great belly laughs, some shaking of the heads and all saying "That Ain't Right!!!" during and after the show! C.L.and I always enjoy not just the banter during show but great conversations with the folks before and after the show...Cool to get to know the fans!...The pics below are from the fancy upstairs room but most agreed with C L that the downstairs "Comedy Cave" was more fitting for our show.
 So you have ONE last show before we go into monthly Fall mode at locations to be annouced shortly!...Hope to see you Aug 27th for our last Thurs at The Colony Hotel...
There ya go buddy
Nice couple waiting for the fun and gentleman behind had real nice chat beffore the show too!

These 3 in front turned into huge Wizard of Oz fans during stand up part of show!

New England Fans are the best as August crowds reach record numbers!

New Englanders Rules!...What a difference with a home town crowd...laughs from start to finish as Conn. Mass. and Rhode Island fans whooped it up this past Thur... Proof is in the pics below.
Join the fun next week 8pm with only 2 more shows left this summer...and Management moves me upstairs to a new room...come see why!!!

PS Check out the new tab to your right with videos, including C.L.Thomas's new webseries

Couples took right side of room...except for family in back

Friends of all kinds take left side as everyone smiled for CL


Seemed like family night last Thurs

C.L.Thomas I and had 2 sets of 5 family members along with other fans last Thurs and its always fun to see parents and kids enjoying the show. Oh this post is late cause I took a bit of a vaca up in Andover Me right after the show...also pics AGAIN didnt come out as well as I'd have liked...but good news is we ALL had fun and lots more signing up for email list and getting the new bumper stickers.
So 3 more shows left this summer with all of them being "Locals get a discount"...ask about it at the door!
There ya go buddy!
Best buds in front, fun couple behind them and family from Montreal hiding in back

Mom laughing as son gets caught on cell of family behind enjoying the fun!

Amazing group of folks who just wanted to have fun

Have to thank this group that came to laugh and enjoy C.L. and TTTom on a rainy night...cant remeber a audience of such willing participants! Boy did we have fun..especially a young lady and her parents from Danbury Ct...we discovered she was born in the same hospital as TTTom! Small world and a fun one to boot!

Young lady with common birth place

Her parents

More fans waiting for the fun to start!!!

C L meets more International fans then he ever has!

Well it was more fun with an education in dialects for all as folks from Quebec and Scotland got to engage with C.L. at The Colony Hotel show this past Thurs...A translator should have been called...LOL...Unfortunately the picture didn't come out!  But my "folic-ly challenged friend" joined in the fun and got a free bumper sticker just for signing up for my email list.
Next Thursday is "LOCALS Night" where anyone from Kport gets in free....just tell em you read it here.
There ya go buddy!


The new Bumper Sticker available at all shows now!

Now That Was a SHOW

If you ever have a chance to visit The York Harbor Inn please do!....Gary and his whole staff are such professionals you have to see it to believe it...They prove the adage "Hospitality is not given but felt"
It was a pleasure once again to do a show at such a great venue.
Late posting and apologies to the fans with "spooky eye" but still great pics of the crowd as promised....oh what fun we had...with a promise of another show ...hopefully in the Fall 
Meanwhile still lots of summer shows to do at The Colony Hotel every Thurs night!
Fans from East Boston!
Great laughers up front!

Teen with family enjoying the attention


A few pics from a SRO crowd at Thur Show and tonight hoping for same at The York Harbor Inn

WOW what a great crowd at The Colony Hotel on Thur...late arriving family reunion group made it an "Standing Room Only" show and oh what fun...hope to do it again tonight at the beautiful York Harbor Inn Reserve YOUR seat now...207 363 5119
Happy Fan part of the family reunion of 50 [not all came to show LOL]

More standing in the back,,,,with another repeat fan down front right...thanks to all of you!!!

2 Chances to Catch Our Comedy in 2 Great Resorts

C.L. and I will be at our ususal Thurs. show at The Colony Hotel, Kennbunkport but also Sat. night we return to the beautiful York Harbor Inn for another edition of "Tourists Teenagers and Technology and Other Things That Ain't Right".
So if you're in York County you have NO excuse not to come join us at one of these beautiful venues and not only have a night of laughs but also enjoy some great Maine hospitality in 2 premiere Inns on the Maine coast....Hope to see you there..and look for our new bumper stickers to be unveiled at the York Harbor Inn

Great night of family fun!

Nice group at last nights show...all from reading ads and seeing posters..[hotel guests were busy with weddinng groups and a Jeb Bush fundrasier] So besides some couples including two who came back after seeeing me 2 yrs ago, we had 3 groups of family's one with  questioning young lad as to how TTTom was going to "turn into" C.L. Thomas" by the crowd just singing?...Had to tell him it was magic and he'd have to see it to believe it.....not sure if he left a believer but we ALL had fun..Pics to prove it

Nice family from Conn.

Mr.Doubting Thomas but think he believed!

N.H. Mom Dad and son all smiles!

In the middle of back to back shows this week

CL and I had a wow of a show for a bus group from Mt Hope NY last night and tonight our 2nd show at the Colony Hotel K'port. [FMI go to]
Last night's show was at the great Hampton Inn & Suites in Wells Me  The GM is Vernon Briggs a great guy who was formerly of the Mountain Grandview Resort, Whitfield NH and remebered not just my comedy shows there at that property but the whole stand up scene of Boston in the 80's. He is a real professional and Hampton should be glad they have him..below is a shot of the crowd having a fun time with CL
Next week look for a special for locals at The Colony show...stay tuned!

The Summer Fun Begins with C.L.Thomas at The Colony Hotel every Thursday 8pm all season long!

C.L.and I are opening our 3rd season at the grand dame of Resort Hotels in Kennebunkport Me
The Colony Hotel

...and the hotel has decided they want their guests to enjoy the show for FREE!
Tickets are $15 for non guests but
Check back here for free tickets and CD contests coming soon!
So let the summer fun begin and plan on at least ONE Thursday night of entertainment in your future.



TTTom and C.L.Thomas outta Hibernation with a new video!

Springtime at last and the laughs are back in full on "upcoming gigs" for where you can catch us live meanwhile check out C.L.'s newest video and let me know what ya think!
There ya go buddy!