Voice Over job and Stand up gigs keep coming in.

Yesterday had some nice work for my first political voice over job..2 spots one each for TV and radio..and its an issue I'm FOR..keeping same day voter registration in Maine [i.e. you can register then vote on the same day]... Job made possible by high tech sound board, emailed script and 3 way phone patch..ahh I remember using razor blades and tape on my college radio shows!  the NOT so good old days!..great to work with my friend and sound guru Rick Watson [aka producer of my C.L.Thomas CD]..Thanks Rick!
Speaking of thanks ...Brian Martin at the Cliff House gave me a nice review of our summer shows there [see testimonal page] I'm very lucky to work with such high level professionals!
Stand up work keeps rolling in.  Tonight I hit Portland's Gold Room also news of New Years Eve about to be confirmed..watch the upcoming gigs page..and next week C.L. and I hit the Boston Stand up Scene again..Comedy Studio in Havard Square watch out!!
There ya go buddy!