Sucessful summer is SOOO many ways!

Where to start? First big thanks to the great staff at The Colony Hotel!
Derick and his crew down in The Marine Room helped me produce a great show throughout the summer and were a big part of the laughs and positive feedback I got from all the happy guests!
Take a bow!
Next my fans, old and new...I was hoping the change of venue would help attendance of the shows...but had NO idea how many old friends aka "Locals" would show up!
Thanks to all of you... and love having all the new fans showing support with words of encouragement after the shows...seeing the families and vacationers enjoying both C.L. and TTTom keeps me going...and speaking of going....
YES I will be back...The Colony management was nice enough to confirm they would like me to comeback next season!!!!
So thank you, thank you, and thank YOU!
Look for the return of C.L. "Weakley Thoughts" here on the internet. Also a Newsletter is in the making so you can all sign up this Fall as hopefully C.L. Thomas and I will keep smiling all year round!
There ya go buddy!
My biggest fan yet![6'9''] with his wife hiding behind to the left and to the way back one VERY unhappy teen..who later smiled as C.L. told him it was ok to be out with his MOM!