Something I've never done and.. I need your help

So where to start ...I did the Wed show to  a crowd of....3 people yup only 3 and wait for it...1 was a blind gentleman..or is PC now "sight impaired?" anyway I'm not sure why I broke my own rule of never do a show to less then 6 [never really had to test that rule till now]
So my cry for help is I out of my mind? a recovering alcoholic am I now in NEED of a stage and  audience? and here's the other went fine as 3 folks can be..but I still did my hour show... they laughed [sometime] and were appreciative as they left. There are of course more funny details of when and how they laughed or did not laugh which I may share in another post.
But I just thought I'd put this out here and see what the thoughts were....your thoughts please?
There ya go buddy..oh yea ...heres the Crowd

P.S. I hope I see more at my next shows