Happy Hoildaze again ..before "they" destroy the song!

I put this up last season... I thought my handriloquist brain would find a new one...then I heard that Bieber kid was hitching his star to the song and I thought "Nooooo!!!!"
So enjoy this one more time:
Hope you have a great Christmas Season!

C.L.Thomas's 1st try at a Boston Comedy Club.."They liked me they really liked me!!!

Well it took awhile but here's the video of C.L. Thomas "Maine's Ambassador to Comedy" at The Comedy Studio ..[Named The  #1 Comedy Club in the U.S. by Conan O'Brien} It was fun seeing crowds reaction to C.L.....I really had a good time! Sit back and relax it's an 8 min shoot!

Turkey Day Already?..leaves snow and Holidaze!

Front lawn raked.? check! Back lawn?..ah ..maybe...Then I was going to remove the uncarved pumpkins [uncarved being the "thing" this year on our street, I guess we were all lazy!] from our front steps until I saw the neighborhood squirrels had set up house in all the pumpkins on the street!..Yup food and shelter all in one orange container..too funny! Speaking of food all the plans for travel and family in full swing as we have arranged time with both sides of the families pleasing both wife and child and cousins and Aunt, Uncles etc...Thanksgiving should be great! My goal is to finally sit down and read my friend Lars Trodson's mystery novel "Eagles Fly Alone" while everyone else is killing themselves at the malls!
Hoping your Turkey Day finds you all grateful for the family, friends and love, we have in our lives!
I know I am.
There ya go Buddy!

No Fall Back here!..I just keep running forward!

Love this time of year..the smells the cool night air..oh maybe the snow could have waited until Nov..but Fall is my favorite time in Maine...and the work keeps coming too...I'm waiting on a copy of my first political voice over ad that ran the week before election day. I'll post when I get it..it was nice to be paid to promote an issue I believe in!  Also I have a DVD of me/C.L.Thomas at The Comedy Studio Cambridge MA Thanks to owner Rick Jenkins and a great staff...had some cool feedback and again as soon as my tech guys figure out how to download it to hard drive it'll be posted here too [and yes I already asked my teenage daughter!]
Nice crowds and good times had at stand up gigs in Portland Me and Newburyport Ma recently and looking forward to Auburn Me. this weekend [see upcoming gigs page]..and last but not least I want to thank all of you out in cyber world for this website hitting the 3,000 hits mark...as I used to say in my Morning DJ days....The hits just keep on coming!!!
There ya go buddy!

Voice Over job and Stand up gigs keep coming in.

Yesterday had some nice work for my first political voice over job..2 spots one each for TV and radio..and its an issue I'm FOR..keeping same day voter registration in Maine [i.e. you can register then vote on the same day]... Job made possible by high tech sound board, emailed script and 3 way phone patch..ahh I remember using razor blades and tape on my college radio shows!  the NOT so good old days!..great to work with my friend and sound guru Rick Watson [aka producer of my C.L.Thomas CD]..Thanks Rick!
Speaking of thanks ...Brian Martin at the Cliff House gave me a nice review of our summer shows there [see testimonal page] I'm very lucky to work with such high level professionals!
Stand up work keeps rolling in.  Tonight I hit Portland's Gold Room also news of New Years Eve about to be confirmed..watch the upcoming gigs page..and next week C.L. and I hit the Boston Stand up Scene again..Comedy Studio in Havard Square watch out!!
There ya go buddy!

Stand up shows so much fun even C.L. is doing it!

Last night found C.L.Thomas doing his first 8 min set at Boston's Beantown Comedy Vault. It was my idea to see how the material would be recieved in that kind of atmosphere and in C.L.'s words "it wern't too bad"!  It was a "showcase" night, with 6-8 comics doing their short sets. The crowd was real small and not very giving. Most of the comics came off stage with wounded egos as we can be a tad fragile in that department. Interestingly one comic told me "sure you had fun, you got to hide behind your character!" As if my commitment to the materal and of risk of failure wasn't as high as my fellow performers.  But he was right... I did have fun!  Maybe thats why I call C.L. my "alter ego."
Stay tuned for the next roll of the dice when C.L. appears at The Comedy Studio in Nov. See "Upcoming Gigs" page for time and location.
There ya go Buddy!

C.L. Thomas to hit the Boston Stand up Clubs!!

Its gonna be fun...and an experince to transition my alter ego Maine Character "C.L. Thomas" from character one man show to a 7 min stand up showcase. It's happening at 2 of the best stand up clubs in Beantown. First showcase will be at Dick's Beantown Comedy Vault in Remingtons Restaurant on Boylston St Oct 20th at my friend Chris Zito's Comedy Sandbox Show 8pm start FMI http://www.dickdoherty.com/ ..Then next month Nov 3rd at The Comedy Studio at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Sq. Cambridge Ma. FMI http://www.thecomedystudio.com/ .  This is where owner and long time bud Rick Jenkins runs the only true "Industry" room in the Boston area [i.e. NY and LA producers come to see whats new ALL the time!]
Rick has challenged me to bring my A game for this short quick set and to see how Boston comedy fans receive C.L....I'm feeling the love already!
This really is exciting. So if you have the time I'd love to see a supportive crowd at both venues.
Oh and I've come up with an official title for my guy...C.L.Thomas "The Ambassador from Maine"!!!!
There ya go Buddy

Getting Into the Autumnal Rhythms

Its official ..school has started, both wife and child are attending, one mandatory the other, well its her JOB..and me speaking of jobs...getting on stage as just me funny TTTom ...stand up gigs coming my way [see upcoming gigs page] and I'm having a blast! Lots of fun with audiences and just being me!
Yup its back to being comic TTTom and having fun! But also warming up C.L. for his first apperance at a comedy club in Boston coming in Nov.  So let the leaves turn and every one start peeping [at the leaves!]
More fun coming watch for more blogs about 'Driving my teenager ...both to school and crazy!"

Close to a GREAT summer!

Wow..where did the summer go??...I think mostly in my car on I95 between Kennebunkport Ogunquit and Kittery as I was lucky enough to perform 2 shows a week.
First a huge thank you to The Cliff House Resort http://www.cliffhousemaine.com/  to Brian and all his staff for making my opening season there such a huge success... we had another great season also at The Rhumbline Resort for year # 4 but we ended up having twice the crowds in Ogunquit... and Kennebunkport crowds were still great..so I couldnt be more pleased with all the Tourists, Teenagers and locals that I got to entertain this summer.  More venues are in negotiations as I write this so hopefully Fall won't be a vacation for me and C.L. either!
Also thanks for all the birthday wishes sent my way via email and Facebbook [dont forget my fanpage http://www.facebook.com/pages/TTToms-Fan-page/142420139132589]....I spent the bday weekend in Kennebunkport at my favortie beach Goose Rocks and also saw a great show at The Arundel Barn Playhouse http://www.arundelbarnplayhouse.com/ my one and only chance to visit that great theater but hope to see more of it next season!!  Also caught some hammock time in the sun in Kittery.
Now on to "the best time of the year" as both wife and child get back to school..and I get my mornings back..so look for more entries here.
There ya go buddy!

Last Call for Rhumbline Resort Shows TONIGHT

Come one come all...last show for the season 8pm tonight at the Rhumb Line Resort..hope to go out with a bang!!! Lets have fun and laugh the summer away!

Is it Really Aug?? How did that happen?

I guess I've just been having too much fun...and from what others are saying some are having fun watching me have fun..make sense? Really.. I'm just having one of the most satisfying summers entertaining twice a week for tourists, friends [new and old] and family [both wife and daughter have been my roadies at different shows] So I just want to say a big thanks to all who have stopped by and enjoyed the shows... and hopefully I'll see more new friends and fans thru the rest of this month and everyone will have as much fun as I am...thanks again for all the smiling faces! Call ahead for reservations! http://www.rhumblinemaine.com/ and http://www.cliffhousemaine.com/

Seats filling and laughs being had!!

Summer is flying by ..with 2 more winners both David Reid and Kristy Bryant won 2 tix and 2 drinks on me for CL show in either Kennebunkport or Ogunquit.  Last week lots of fun in both locations ..Rhumb Line particularly with a Canadian  family with 4 kids under 14 ...I knew they were comedy fans ..loved the stand up but the Maine stuff I had worries ..all for naught!...They laughed and LOVED CL Thomas..love our neighbors from the north!
There ya go buddy!!!

Summer Fun in Full Swing

Summer Fun is Right!...last weekend huge fun at Freeport Factory Stage..can't say enough good things about what a professional organization they are and how much fun I had for my 2 hour show..Fri small but wildly enthusiastic crowd and Sat great crowd great time had by all...and the hits keep coming ...got off to a great summer start for both my shows Wed night, a nice group at The Cliff House and Thurs night only 2 empty seats for Thurs night at The Rhumb Line...so off to a HOT start.... Tonight Cliff House 8pm show should be great with another milestone..my daughter is working the door!!! I'm looking to sell out Thurs at Rhumbline so call ahead and reserve..see links on last post. Also 2 new winners for this weeks drawing for free tix..see and "like" my fanpage for all the details!
There ya go buddy!

Winners winners winners!!! and the contest continues..

Hey Congratulations goes out to Marc Dole of Portsmouth and Jayne Condon of Kennebunkport  They are the  first 2 winners of TTTom Ticket contest.  They both recieve 2 free tickets to my C.L. Thomas shows with 2 drinks on me..can be used any time during the 8 week run at either venue Cliff House Resort Ogunquit Wed nights http://www.cliffhousemaine.com/ or  Rhumb Line Resort Kennebunkport Thurs nights http://www.rhumblinemaine.com/  . Who will be the next winner? I to could be you just go to my fanpage and "like" it and you're all signed up!!![http://www.facebook.com/pages/TTToms-Fan-page/142420139132589]..If you already have you're still in the pool..so keep on swimming and leave me a note saying Hi ..I love to hear from ALL my friends and fans!
Hope to see ya at the show..There Ya go Buddy!

Regrouping after road work and road fun..oh and CONTEST TIME

Great time had at Smugglers Notch show ...A great Mon night crowd... see http://www.smuggs.com/ fmi...A wonderful anniversary get away with my wife of 17 yrs at Inn at Oceans Edge Lincolnville Beach,  Me...unbeleivable Inn and great hospitality.http://www.innatoceansedge.com/web/
Now for the contest...my one man shows start next week Wed at Cliff House Resort Ogunquit and Thurs night in Rhumb Line Resort Kennbunkport 8 p.m. showtimes..[http://www.rhumblinemaine.com/comedy_show.htm] so heres the deal...go to my fan page on facebook [http://www.facebook.com/pages/TTToms-Fan-page/142420139132589] and "like" the page and you'll automatically be signed up for a chance for 2 free tickets for the show and 2 drinks on me...Cool huh?
Good times good fun..let the games begin..look here for winners...new winners each week for the whole 8 week run!!!
There ya go buddy!

Laugh, Breath n Give Thanks Drive and Laugh Some more... Road Trip!!!

Just want to say thanks for the fun at the Kittery Block Party.. great day of sun and family fun and laughs..Kudos to all that did the heavy lifting or organizing and pulling it all together.. too many to name. Smiles on friends and neighbors faces has all of us looking forward to next year!!!
Thanks to my beautiful wife and child for a great Fathers day while celebrating wife's big Bday!..and now off to Smugglers Notch, Vermont to bring the funny Mon night then Point Sebago, Maine more funny on Tuesday

Big Party in Kittery this Sat

Looking forward to being the Emcee at the 1st Annual Kittery Block this Sat downtown Kittey Lots of family fun with music food vendors of all types....C.L. and I look foward to putting smiles on the faces of all my neighbors and friends! See ya there
FMI www.Kitteryblockparty.org

This Sat Night at The Roundabout Diner and Lounge

Hope to see all my Seacoast fans at Portsmouth's newest room for stand up comedy, this Sat night...call for reservations as its a busy weekend... Sat. is Market Square Day don't you know!!! There ya go buddy!!!

Happy Memorial Day and A Busy Summer Coming

Hey I can see my legs..why? Cause I'm wearing shorts for the first time since being in Paris back in April where it was warm and sunny! Well I guess the sun finally saw the calendar and realized it was time to step out...and speaking of stepping out dont miss "Two Maine Characters Show" at The Lucid Stage Portland Wed June 1st with  myself aka C.L.Thomas and magician Almodarr as his Maine character Howard B. Dunnett III ...a Maine night at the Theatre for magic laughs and Downeast fun....Also big news for July and Aug..Tourists and locals alike will have 2 nights a week to catch CL Thomas and I doing our new show "Tourists Teenagers Technology and Other Things That Ain't Right" Wed nights at The Cliff House Resort in Ogunquit then on Thurs night we'll be back for our 4th season at The Rhumb Line Resort..That's twice a week to catch the fun!!!.Look out York County soon to be called "CL County" as we take 'em all by storm with laughter and family fun.Showtimes to be posted soon and another big news blast for my Portland Me. fans in another fancy theater venue for a whole weekend in Freeport!!! So stay tuned..
There you go Buddy!!!

C.L.Thomas Hits The Streets of Paris France

Our Trip to Paris would not have been complete without having C.L.Thomas give you his view from the street..Rue Mouffetard to be exact. Also credit the camera work to my daughter Jillian ...not bad for her first tech job..and she took all the Parisian attention in stride..see some of the great side glances as well as the "ignore the crazy tourist" looks too!

Home sweet Home

Back on US soil but sooo much to share and tell of what I believe is our vacation of a lifetime.
Mona Lisa is a rock star!
French folks are great folks
C.L. did make an apperance
International law reigns supreme at the Eiffel Tower
The Chateau at Vesailles is so much more then a house and gardens [duh!]
Love the Paris Metro!
Details as the week allows!
Thanks for reading

On Vacation abroad...no I'm still a guy!..actually I'm going with 2 broads..oh just read this

Drum roll please....my wife daughter and I are on our way today to Paris France!!!!
I know who would of thunk it??? and yes I do hope to get some pics of Mr. C.L.Thomas in the land of cafe' du lait too .. stay tuned..depending on internet avail I hope to be posting some as we go
So check back
 Bon chance and au revoir mes aimes!!!
TTTom ..C.L. and his femmes faitelles [not sure of that spelling..this could be a looong trip]

Busy Busy Month of Feb...which is a GOOD thing

Well, between snow and gigs I'm either standing in a road on driving on it.
After the fun run to North Conway for the seniors at The Gibson Center..I was off to Agawam Ma. to The Polish American Club of Agawam [who's actual address is Feeding Hills Ma. insert your own Polish joke here] Then the following Sat night I went to Westford Ma. to the Parish Performance Center and had alot of fun with the folks out there and worked with the very very funny Brad Mastrangelo. The rest of the month includes overnight in Bangor Maine then over to Manchester NH..followed by Augasta Maine and Burlington Vt....I'm hearing the voice of my GPS more then wife and daughter...no need to insert joke here!
Check my schedule page to see times and places in case I'm in your backyard.
Also this week I put on my "Comic Imposter" hat for the good folks at Flatbread Pizza Inc..for their yearly Managers Summitt...where I fooled their managers into thinking I was the consultant from hell for their organization!!! I may have a video to see their laughing faces when they were told it was all a joke..stay tuned...speaking of staying tuned for video..I am STILL working on that North Conway video..I didnt realize I'd need a degree in film editting to understand my video suite program..plus my tutor/professor aka my 13 yr old daughter is not being the little helper I was hoping she would be...ahh all the times I helped her and now?? Well thats another blog for another time..look for "Teenage Heart Break" title.
So I'll keep driving writing and laughing!...and you do the same..and be safe in all this snow!!!
There ya go buddy!!!

Great snow great shows!!!

Let it snow let it snow ...I had a great time this past week at The Gibson Center in North Conway NH..C.L. and I even made a video as a learning project for my new editing system..still working out some of the bugs but look for it on this blog soon.
This Fri night funny man Graig Murphy and I will be making em laugh at the Polish Club of Agawam Ma. 7:30 show.
Plus booked 2 great Corporate gigs in the next 2 months ..stay tuned for news on those. Meanwhile keep those shovels handy..the white stuff just keeps on coming.. Oh and be careful my brother tells me more heart attacks happen when shoveling snow then any other activity...there's a happy note..actually I think its tied with love making...now theres an activity to die for!!!
There you go buddy!!!

Heres to a Great New Year!

Wow...2011 How did that happen?...But I KNOW it's gonna be a great year...why? just because your reading this means I'll be able to reach all my friends fans and soon to be fans with all kinds of fun stuff...I hope to use this platform to let you know all that TTTom Talks about..stuff to make you smile, make you laugh out loud or maybe just something thats on my mind I'd like to share...so get ready for a great 2011 and look here for TTTom writin to you...C.L. Thomas performing for you or maybe a fun video I made or found or produced with friends [see link at the end of this post]
Thanks for reading this. I hope to ALWAYS make it worth your while to check in.
There you go buddy!!!
TTTom and C.L.Thomas
heres the aforementioned something I put on facebook before the holidays!
cut and paste and enjoy!