It was another great show at The York Harbor Inn

The 4th "Lobster Lovers Weekend" we've been asked to entertain at The York Harbor Inn and the fun hasn't worn off! A great crowd from all over New England. C.L. and I chatted with all of them having our usual fun!
Love the poster that says we "...redefine Maine Humor"...Ain't it the truth?!! As pictures don't lie! Even poor quality ones like these taken from stage LOL
Looking forward to being back at the York Harbor Inn in Feb. 2017

Fun Group from Mass.

2 by 2 by 2 Couples everywhere...Lobster "Lovers" indeed


This Sat back at The YHI

This will be a GREAT show...usually sells out and we always have fun
Be there or be square!

Fall is here ..time to BREATHE!

View from my "Meditation Bench"

So after a great summer of shows including a birthday show at The York Harbor Inn on Sept 3rd that I didn't blog about! [sorry no pics due to tech snafu], I decided to take a bit of R&R at a Retreat my wife discovered a few years back. We went last year together, but this year I went solo to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health outside Lenox, Ma. 
I got 3 days/2nights of solitude for some journaling and meditation...Really re-charges the batteries!...looking to make it an annual sojourn.
The picture above is my morning coffee spot...also I got some kayaking, walking, and reading done.
I can't say enough about this beautiful place...healthy food, great helpful staff and surrounded by like minded people all in an unbelievable natural setting. FMI
But now reality calls me back as I return to business, networking, the internet and my many hats of employment...speaking of which, I'm always booking stand up gigs, but also looking for new venues for CLThomas and I to entertain at, so if you have any leads or holiday parties coming up please get in touch...we can work out a deal!!!! 
On the books already I have a nice re-booking at the York Harbor Inn on their "Lobster Lovers Weekend" Nov 12...with another one in Feb. Also 2 new venues are in the works as well as a return visit to a local retirement community.
So keep coming back here to see what's new, as I look forward to the seeing the colors of the season, feeling the crisp fall air, and hearing from YOU!
Love keeping all the senses busy!
There ya go buddy!

Most interactive show yet!

These folks were involved and then some!  Fun... but one lady crossed the line and the crowd turned! Most of it was in fun but live n learn lady...don't make fun of the stutter when I already did!
But all was forgiven and laughs ended the night.
Speaking of end...this upcoming show Thurs night will be our last of the season and as special thanks to all the support price drops to $10 with "locals" FREE!...So come on by and say bye to another great summer! 8pm showtime

Fun couple from Kennebunk that said CL was the "real deal"

Lady on right gets evil eye from friend for going too far

One in every crowd!

Ok so the sold out streak came to an end last Thurs, but a good time was still had by all ...except for ONE...C.L. had fun with this audience member who ignored C.L.'s advice and kept checking his phone during the show...his wife was so embarassed she leaned away from him when we took this pic [she's behind him off to the right]...Everyone else had a great time!
Looking forward to wrapping up the season with the last 2 shows...and hoping to get back on that SOLD OUT streak to end with a bang! See ya Thurs 8pm show FMI 207 967 3331

One in every crowd...some folks just don't get it!

Sold out show AGAIN

Great Crowd Great Fun...even in the heat this group was cool...Both TTTom and CL had em laughing..We realy are having a great summer!
Tonight caps off the 3 day run of shows as CL goes to Concord NH...FMI
Below see folks havin fun!!!
Ladies from Virginia!

Crowd right to the back wall!

A group from LA!..Maybe they'll tetell Hollywood about us!

Late posting due to "Vacation Week"..well NOT exactly

Apologies to the SOLD OUT CROWD of Aug 4th for this late posting of pics...but family and I are on vacation [kinda] so this is first time I've had the chance to internet below are the pics from my FIRST SOLD OUT SHOW...We actually had to bring in more seats...but oh what fun we had...and now this week is a triple play starting tonight in York Me. at The Lobster in The Rough Comedy Show where you'll get to see both my daughter and myself do stand up!!..she's doing a 5 min opening set and I'll close ths show with a 45 min headline REALLY looking forward to that!  FMI up is back to back CL Thomas shows Thur our regular spot in Kennebunkport at The Colony Hotel FMI 967 3331 and Fri night over in Concord NH at The Hatbox Theater at The Steeplegate Mall where CL will make the "Live Free or Die" crowd laugh at some Maine points of view FMI
Hope to see all of you the pics of last week show...
Front row sharing some "Love"!

Nice family up front..sorry cut out the son next to Dad

Sold out show!...well..ok 2 seats were left! But What a Show!!

Even with the heat and humidity they came...Families [one with teenager, one with 10 yr old girl] and retired folks and other folks "from away" and they ALL loved CL!  New things "that ain't right" worked..tried and true went well, all laughs, laughs, laughs!!
Thanks so much to all who came bought CD's and had nice things to say after the show! See the pics and guess who won a CD too!
This is just about half way through the season with five more shows left...time really does fly when you're having fun. Make sure you're part of it!  Call ahead to reserve YOUR seat 967 3331
Thurs nights at The Colony Hotel with CL Thomas!

Family 3rd row back..teen added to the fun!

Young lady 2nd row giving me "the sign" as couples in back roar and
Yup CD winners front and center 

Most Diverse Crowd Yet....Conn, PA even Delaware!

Last night's show saw the MOST walk ins ever i.e. people just coming in off the street after seeing ads or word of mouth..[Thanks Tourist News those ads paying off!!!}
Folks not just from all over New England but Pa and Delaware too!
Fun had by all even the guy standing up in the back [see pics]..does that mean I can call it an SRO crowd!
Hope to see more locals and YOU next week ..Call 207 967 3331 FMI
There ya go buddy

Mom and son in middle row...She saw my standup in the 80's in Springfield..
Been wanting to see me again since reading the ads..WOW and thanks!

Up against the wall!..Security or Fan???

The new room is off and running for the season!

A great show for only our second week in the New Room! A fun couple took time out from their wedding week with nuptials taking place this Sat, They met at Maine Maritime Academy and gave CL two big thumbs up as "the real deal from Maine"
Also a coworker from my bartending world stopped in from Portsmouth NH  to enjoy the "other side of TTTom"
Other new friends from Ct. Mass and Pa...all had fun with CL can too every Thurs night 8pm FMI 207 967 3331

Soon to be Newly-weds

Co worker with her beau in the back!

A great start to the much fun to be back at The Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport Me.

With a newly renovated cocktail lounge downstairs the management allowed me to move upstairs right off the Lobby where everyone can find us...and find us they did with a great fun loving crowd...The "New Room" works well as these pics show...both TTTom and C.L.Thomas had more fun than they could handle with this group...Even a Jerry Garcia lookalike showed...
You've got 8 more weeks to come join the fun ...every Thurs 8pm The Colony Hotel Kennebunkport
There ya go buddy!

All the way from Indiana

Regular folks..but too fancy pic on back wall

Back from "The Dead'!

Countdown's on ..ln less than 3 weeks..CL is back at The Colony Hotel

The season is almost upon us and we can't wait to be back in the spotlight at the wonderful Colony Hotel
View outside the Lobby
This being our 4th season why mess with success...same night Thursday's...starting time same 8pm...price same $15 and free for Colony guests but....We now have a NEW ROOM right off the lobby where everyone will be able to find us and enjoy the comedy!
So plan ahead you've got plenty of notice!
Look for more updates as we get closer
There ya go buddy!

A Great Crowd, A Great Staff, and more fun than this comic deserves!

First a great job by the staff at The York Harbor Inn [as always] and second WOW what a great crowd, they just came to laugh and let me have as much fun as one guy could have....nights like that I really LOVE my job! One note of regret here on the internet..I tried to download my pics of the night..for some reason iPhone pics wont download to email/ sorry but stay tuned!
Check my "upcoming gigs" page for more shows to join in on the fun!
There ya go buddy!

Another Great C.L.Thomas Show coming to York Harbor Inn

Not sure where the time went...Holidaze!..New Year! and Old Man Winter here [but not as bad as last year] So we keep moving to stay warm. But C.L. and I havent moved too far as we have another great show Sat Feb 20th 9pm at the York Harbor Inn.  We promise some of our old tales of the past but some new "Things That Aint Right" too.
Also gonna ask you folks in the crowd for your biggest "Ain't Right" thing in your lives!
So come one come all and warm up with some Downeast laughs!
This show will sell out [like the last one] so call 207 363 5119 for reservations.
Be there or be square!