A New Video of C.L.Thomas and some "Holiday Thoughts"

Finally got some new video...and the best is yet to come...Think of this as the first of many, under  new direction with bigger and better ones in the works. But I need to hear from you for feedback and opinons. Enjoy.
There ya go buddy!
"Versatile." "A true master." "Sharp witted." "Impressive."

This is stand-up comedian and actor TTTom Clark!

"Seeing Tom’s killer closing set at “The Founding Fathers Show” during the Boston International Comedy Festival ... reaffirmed why he is in our rotation as a headliner at all our venues ..."
Dick Doherty, CEO
Dick Doherty Comedy Productions

If you'd like to fill your venue with sell-out crowds and belly laughs contact TTTom today!

C.L.Thomas outside at his "home" in Cape Cove Harbor, Me.

The Summer shows are over and Fall is here.  So I'm in the editing room looking at some old footage we taped last Spring.  Its an excerpt of C.L. and his thoughts on being a weatherman..it was a long 6 min video that I'm learning how to cut up!
Afterall it is fall and back to school time!...Stay tuned as my learning curve expands!
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Been away for awhile..but made this cool Butterfly video!

Ok my apologies for not blogging lately...some slow time plus some health issues[all resolved and nothing serious] but I'm back with an amazing video..discovered the Monarch Butterflies have a rest area in Kittery for their migration to Mexico...and my wife and I got lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time...Fort Foster in Kittery Point Sun Sept 16th around 10am to be precise!

Mass turnout for the last show of the season!

Ok so I'm not talking sell out but...everyone WAS from the state of Mass. Including these in pics of a couple from Haverhill and a 4some, hiding in the back from Stoneham and Framingham [The called themselves the "Stoners and Hams"]
Plus a fun family with 2 teens. I love seeing family's laugh together!

Haverhill man in front trying to be funnier then me!
Family with young future comics
Best looking desk clerk in K'port
 I'd also like to give a huge thank you to the staff at the Rhumbline ...especially Sandy behind the bar [who wouldn let me take her pic] and also Julissa at the front desk every Thurs night directing people to the show ...Thanks for another great season!  C.L. and I have a couple of private bustour shows in Sept then watch out...we may be on a stage near you!
There ya go buddy!


Last show at The Cliff House has Lots of Laughs!!

     These folks not only laughed with C.L. but had a great time with each other as these pics prove...I told them they'd be "Stars" on my website...so there ya go buddy

Also a big thank-you to Brian and all his staff at The Cliff House Resort for another great summer..you guys are the best...hope to see you all next year!
And Tonight's the last show at The Rhumb Line Resort in Kennebunkport 8pm
Lets have a sellout!!

A Quick pic for some nice folks!

This was just part of the nice crowd at The Rhumb Line tonight ...Last show next Thurs..hope to show a pic of a FULL room!
Thanks to these nice folks from Lynn Ma!
There ya go buddy!

Back on stage and enjoying a 3 generation crowd!

Cliff House crowds back on track...had a wonderful family of Grand Mere [she's Franco American and a good sport re: my canadian accent jokes] and Mom and 15 yr old daughter..All had a great time and its me who should be thanking them for the good time and I apologize for this bad pic but I'm still learning that focus thing!!!..Maybe I'll get the hang of it by the last show of the summer,which is next Wed...arggg how time flies when you're having fun!
There ya go Buddy!

Back from a GREAT vacation and hitting the ground rested and running!

Lots of stuff to show n tell but wanted to just get this up quick and let everyone know I'm back and C.L. and I will be back on stage Wed Aug 22nd at the Cliff House Resort www.Cliffhousemaine.com and Thurs Rhumbline Resort www.rhumblinemaine.com
What kept me away so long...heres my view or should I say what I've been looking at for the past week

View from our deck on Megunticook Lake outside Camden Me

Something I've never done and.. I need your help

So where to start ...I did the Wed show to  a crowd of....3 people yup only 3 and wait for it...1 was a blind gentleman..or is PC now "sight impaired?" anyway I'm not sure why I broke my own rule of never do a show to less then 6 [never really had to test that rule till now]
So my cry for help is ...am I out of my mind?...as a recovering alcoholic am I now in NEED of a stage and  audience? and here's the other thing..it went fine...as fine as 3 folks can be..but I still did my hour show... they laughed [sometime] and were appreciative as they left. There are of course more funny details of when and how they laughed or did not laugh which I may share in another post.
But I just thought I'd put this out here and see what the thoughts were....your thoughts please?
There ya go buddy..oh yea ...heres the Crowd

P.S. I hope I see more at my next shows

Thurs Rhumbline Show...Bus tour group arrive early in the summer!

So its only Aug but a bustour hit K'port already...This happy trio enjoyed C.L. and myself and were just part of the group that bussed all the way from Michigan.
Glad they could still laugh!
So when are you gonna make the trip to the funniest show at two of the prettiest Resorts in York County Maine???? Wed and Thurs 8pm showtime

Learning how NOT to take a crowd pic!

Ok Wed Show at The Cliff House Resort the family from Ohio was having so many laughs with their 15 yr old son I had to take this pic...but I thought I was zooming in ....iPhone's dont zoom well,

You be the judge!
Then come out and judge me...just be prepared to be found guilty of laughing!
There ya go Buddy!

Thurs Rhumbline ALMOST a sell out..late breaking news!!

What a great crowd!..and a major goof on my part..I forgot to take a pic of the near sellout crowd during the show and I was a tad busy packing after the show to get on the road for a 10 hour ovenight drive to my College reunion..long story, but suffice to say I didnt get a picture and I haven't had a chance to add to this blog until now..So first a big thank you to all the families..yes families..3 with teens that came to laugh and boy did they ever...also a tip of the hat to the other guests at the Rhumb Line that added to the fun, soo much fun...
And what do I do next?? How about a challenge? To the locals at both venues this week..Wed Ogunquit, Thurs Kennebunkport...let me see your faces, check out C.L. and me and prepare to laugh!!!!!! Call for your reservation www.rhumblinemaine.com or www.Cliffhousemaine.com
There ya go buddy!

Cliff House crowds grows and grows

Ladys to the right from Maine..folks to the left Boston vacationers 

C.L. and I had great fun last night as these pics show! Fun folks from Maine[making sure C.L. is the real deal!!!] and others from away, even some from my old stomping grounds of Woburn Ma. And a winner got a "How To be a Better Tourists" CD!!!!
There ya go buddy!
And the CD goes to the gentleman on the left!!

Another Thurs Night Show in the Record Books

Great folks fun crowd..including an old...ahem..oh I guess he'd prefer "former" collegue from my "Singer Waiter Days"..See  the pic above of Chip Benson and his son ..Chip was an 18yr old bellhop at The Naragansett Hotel on Kennebunk Beach way back when I sang in the Dining Room ...the other pic is Honeymooners loving it up at The C.L. Comedy Show..Hope to see even more fun folks next Wed at The Cliff House Resort Ogunquit www.cliffhousemaine.com  or
Thur at The Rhumb Line Resort www.rhumblinemaine.com
There ya go buddy!!!

Summer shows growing in numbers and fun! Plus your chance for free tix

My N. H. fans

Conn. Fans Too!

 A great crowd showed up  Thurs night for our new CL   show at The Rhumb Line Resort with SUCH a variety of regions  represented NH, Conn, Pa. and even The U.K. and of course some Mainers makin sure C.L. and I are the REAL DEAL...and they all added some great interactions keeping the show fun and lively just like C.L. likes it.
     Also below is the room set up for Wed night show at The Cliff House Resort...
                             and yes that is a great ocean view out that window!!!
                           Call now for seats this weeks show at both resorts!!
                       www.rhumblinemaine.com  or www.cliffhousemaine.com
                                                   See ya there buddy!
P.S.  Oh yea.. You want 2 free tix at either venue?..be the FIRST to email me thru this website and they're yours.  Good luck! 
The Set up at Cliff House Resort

Pics from 1st show of the season at The Rhumb Line Resort

the chart room @ The Rhumbline
The stage is set for "funny"
Great people had a fun time last night at the Rhumbline in Kennebunkport..a not so great shot taken from my iPhone [I'm still learning] of fans from Waltham Ma but vacation at their home at Goose Rocks beach...the said they've read the ads for the last 2 yrs and FINALLY got to the show..love persitent fans...other pics are the stage and room before the show ..this is a really nice room with a great set up!!!...so come out next week and see what you're missing
There ya go buddy!

Summer Shows begins..C. L.Thomas Shows start Thurs

This Thurs July 5th C.L.Thomas show starts our 5th season at The Rhumb Line Resort Kennebunkport go to www.rhumblinemaine.com/comedy_show.htm for info and to reserve your seat! This season we're talking about the usual Tourists Teenagers Technology but also how this winter was "The winter that WEREN'T!"..it should be lots of fun and hope to see all my FB fans in their usual seats!!! If you havent "friended" my fan page go there now [TTTom's Fan Page on Face book] .... as we'll have drawings for fan free tix!..Come on do it man...everyone is ...come on,what you afraid?..your mom wont let you come on man whats wrong!!!
And next Wed starts our 2nd season at The Cliffhouse Resort in Oguquit go to www.cliffhousemaine.com FMI ...The same deal for free tix applies!
There ya go Buddy!

This Old Dog Learning Some not so New Tricks

 I survived my first Yoga class! My wife and I signed up for an 8 week 90 min beginners class and this first morning after, I feel better than I thought I would. The instructor had us reaching, breathing and stretching, using muscles that I thought might scream at me today but all in all it was great and I'm looking forward to the next 7 weeks.  FYI www.yogaonthehillkittery.com
So why do I share this life tidbit on this blog?  Well whenever my professional life slows down a tad its interesting that I get to remind myself how life isnt about running the fastest "Rat Race", rather it should be about expanding and experiencing new things, places and ideas.  No big revelation just a gentle reminder to myself to appreciate what I've been given, enjoy it and to share it freely!
Also I would be remiss if I didnt thank my wife for leading me towards this class thus allowing me to experience this lesson. I'm a lucky man!
So I guess it goes under the old adage "to stop and smell the roses".
Heres to this Old Dog re-learning to at least slow down and inhale...and hoping that we all take the time to do so!
There ya go buddy!

Really Fun Show this Fri 27th for Portland Players

I always love doing my comedy shows but some nights I just can't wait to get to the gig and this will be one of those nights.  A benefit show for The Portland Players
starring Showtime's "Maine's Funniest Mom" Karen Morgan and myself [plus my alter ego C.L. Thomas performing, not just his "How to be a Better Tourist" show but also some winter thoughts from this "winter that weren't!"]
All for a good cause...A great venue for a great crowd that I hope includes you!
For details on how to be a part of this fun evening go to:  http://portlandplayers.org/Other_Events.html
There ya go Buddy!

Back after short social media vaca for real socializing!

So I went off the radar for a short time for some R&R with College buddies on the Jersey Shore..no the real one[ Sea Isle City] not the Reality Show. Then came home to some nice face to face socializing first at the Maine Restaurant and Lodging Show in Portland where I got to say Hi to my long time foodie buds as well as meet some new ones ..I had a nice conversation with Jay Martin, Maine's first "Small Business Advocate" working out of the Sec. of States Office. Jay's a fan of Irish storytellers so I gave him one of my C.L. Thomas CD's..who knows maybe a State House gig?? LOL
Also this week I attended The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Portland where Barabra Whitten got honored for her 25 yrs as CEO of that GREAT organization...got to chat with many new friends and soon to be business associates.. Look out for Pamela Laskey's "Maine Foodie Tours" as she has brought the success of her Portland tours now down to Kennebunkport for this summer! FMI www.Mainefoodietours.com Looking forward to more chats with Brandon Hussey of The Inn at Brunswick Station [ http://InnatBrunswickstation.com] as well as Kelly Alden at UNE in Portland/Biddeford. Also saw Greg Dugal Executive Director of Maine Innkeepers Assoc.  www.maineinns.com at BOTH events..to me he's not only a great guy but the hardest working man in the state of Maine!
 Look for news on my summer schedule coming out shortly..[hint I'm back at both The Cliff House Resort and The Rhumbline Resort same as last summer] and much much more!!!
There ya go Buddy!

A Sat Night of Comedy at Beverly Elks with these Guys!

Lucky me..to entertain these guys Sat night at the "Installation Meeting"for the Elks in Beverly Ma.
All jokes aside we ALL had a great time...and a special thanks to"Mr White Legs" and the New Guys!"
Prize to the one who guesses whos who?
There ya go buddy!

My Alma Mater has a nice update on my career!

Just got the online version of St.Francis University's Spring Newsletter. My Alma Mater in Loretto Pa was just a small college when I graduated way back when and has grown to a "University" now. They were nice enough to include a blurb about little ole me! Go to this link  http://www.francis.edu/uploadedFiles/Marketing_and_Public_Affairs/SFU_Magazine_spring2012_web.pdf and scroll down to pg 28...plus you can see a picture of the knuckleheads I'll be joining soon on the Jersey shore for our annual "boys weekend" Thanks SFU Alumni Assoc.!
There ya go buddy!

Great connection and possible double billing of 2 Tom's

I found out awhile back there's another funny Tom Clark in this world..yes a working comic on the other coast doing great work and getting more TV then me..but thats cool ..he's a nice guy and we agreed to post  webpage links for each other..so check him out at http://www.tomclark.com..and/ become a fan of another funny Tom Clark...and he's talking about coming east so were looking into a 2 Tom show..so calling all comedy clubs here in New England to get on this once in a life time chance!!!...ACT NOW Bookers!!!
There ya go Buddy!

5 mins of C.L. at The Dance Hall Kittery

Finally playing with video software..heres a taste of C.L.Thomas as the crowd sings him on at The Dance Hall Kittery last month

Found this today...great thoughts by a great comic!

Figure out your hair and wear what you want.
Timing is everything. Time is everything else.
Dreams really can come true.
Envisioning the future helps create it.
Prepare, show up, do your best, and learn for next time.
Pray that no one throws anything at your head.
Life is what’s right in front of you. Try to live in the moment.
Get to know the people who are closest. Respect everybody else. Don’t forget the back.
Trust your instincts.
Never attack the weak.
You are equal to everyone. You are idiosyncratic and unique.
Hear what your hecklers and critics have to say.
Transform negativity into healthy competition.
People communicate through speech and sounds, movement and silence.
Be really specific.
Know what you want.
Choose words carefully.
Deliberate (think) and be deliberate (speak and do).
This is not a dress rehearsal, but you are a work in progress.
Some of the best moments can’t be planned. There is always a bit of luck and magic involved.
Know when to be serious.
Don’t take the obvious for granted. Remember to breathe and stand up.
Artistic license is freedom either to tell the truth or to use your imagination, and to not have to say which is which.
Sometimes you’re great. Sometimes you suck. Most of the time you’re fine.
Persistence, patience, and listening are the key.
Laugh at yourself while keeping your dignity.
Remember that dying is inevitable – hopefully it won’t be tonight. When it happens, it probably won’t be your fault. And it might not be the last time.
Hope that everyone dies laughing.

See her website http://www.wendyliebman.com/ she is sooo funny!

What a great weekend of Shows

Wow love to see all the new faces at 2 great shows this past weekend..one old one new!
Spectacular Events in Bangor Me. where they always have great crowds [was there last year almost to the day] Had a great show with Steve Scarfo setting the stage nicely for me http://www.stevescarfo.com/  and we met some great folks especially the gang a Roots Hair Studio http://www.bangormainehairsalon.com/  Thanks for the after show drinks and talk! And Sat night at a new club Jokers in Manchester NH on S.Willow St. where a lovely lady in the front row had THE most unusual purse I had to talk about!
Got the tape of my Kittery Dance Hall Show http://www.thedancehallkittery.org/  Look for snippets of that on this site soon! And as always check out their site to see what great shows they have coming up.
Meanwhile..looking forward to a Valentine escape next weekend with my bride and my daughters musical Damn Yankees at Berwick Academy coming up on the 25th..that theater dept always does a great job!
So There ya go Buddy!!!

Great Show! Great Crowd! Great Time last night at The Dance Hall Kittery

C.L.Thomas and I had a great time last night!  Shout out to all my friends and fans that rocked the house with laughter last night.  Special thanks to my sponsors Aqua Paradise, JBC Communications and the group at Seaport Fish that showed up with a crowd.
Also Drika Overton Chairman of The Dance Hall Kittery who worked her solo magic behind the scenes as I performed my solo show. Best part was having my daughter Jillian introduce me to open the second act. She IS my girl..great job! Can't wait to view the tape from JBC communications ...look for some of that posting soon!
There ya go Buddy!

Last minute booking at Foxwood's Comix Club

Just a quick note of thanks for the opportunity to perform on stage with Mike Donovan on his show "Boston Irish Comix" Great Club...great time! What a fun job I have!!!

New Promo Video for My Show at The Dance Hall Kittery Jan 28th

"A Schizophrenic Night Of Comedy" 8pm Sat Jan 28th
Come one come all! Heres the promo and link to buy tix for my show THIS Sat...
There ya go buddy!

Thanks to Maine Innkeepers Assoc. for a nice mention in their Newsletter

Just one more reason to belong to professional organizations...and this group is nothing BUT professional...I'm so proud to be a part of The Maine Innkeepers Assoc. and hats off to Greg Dugal and all his staff for there hard work. Just follow the link and go to page 12 and thanks again to a great organization!!!

A Shout out of Thanks for a Great New Years Eve Show

I wanted to say thanks to all the great folks at the Brookline Events Center in Brookline NH http://brooklineeventcenter.com/ . I really had a great evening. Ron and Kathy Pelletier have a wonderful venue for any type of function and they're real nice humans too! Speaking of humans, it was a sold out crowd for the New Years Eve show and they sure knew how to have fun! Ryan Gartley was the opening act and he set the table wonderfully for me to close the show with a bang. What a way to start 2012!  Thanks again to everyone there.
There ya go buddy!!

A Great New Year Upon Us

2012 is gonna be a great year... lots going on with details coming soon...I love this time of year with the idea of a new slate..starting over ..looking to improve..yet also remembering the lessons of the past year and most of all being grateful for all we have.
Hope all is well in your New Year!!!
There ya go buddy!