Mass turnout for the last show of the season!

Ok so I'm not talking sell out but...everyone WAS from the state of Mass. Including these in pics of a couple from Haverhill and a 4some, hiding in the back from Stoneham and Framingham [The called themselves the "Stoners and Hams"]
Plus a fun family with 2 teens. I love seeing family's laugh together!

Haverhill man in front trying to be funnier then me!
Family with young future comics
Best looking desk clerk in K'port
 I'd also like to give a huge thank you to the staff at the Rhumbline ...especially Sandy behind the bar [who wouldn let me take her pic] and also Julissa at the front desk every Thurs night directing people to the show ...Thanks for another great season!  C.L. and I have a couple of private bustour shows in Sept then watch out...we may be on a stage near you!
There ya go buddy!


Last show at The Cliff House has Lots of Laughs!!

     These folks not only laughed with C.L. but had a great time with each other as these pics prove...I told them they'd be "Stars" on my there ya go buddy

Also a big thank-you to Brian and all his staff at The Cliff House Resort for another great guys are the best...hope to see you all next year!
And Tonight's the last show at The Rhumb Line Resort in Kennebunkport 8pm
Lets have a sellout!!

A Quick pic for some nice folks!

This was just part of the nice crowd at The Rhumb Line tonight ...Last show next Thurs..hope to show a pic of a FULL room!
Thanks to these nice folks from Lynn Ma!
There ya go buddy!

Back on stage and enjoying a 3 generation crowd!

Cliff House crowds back on track...had a wonderful family of Grand Mere [she's Franco American and a good sport re: my canadian accent jokes] and Mom and 15 yr old daughter..All had a great time and its me who should be thanking them for the good time and I apologize for this bad pic but I'm still learning that focus thing!!!..Maybe I'll get the hang of it by the last show of the summer,which is next Wed...arggg how time flies when you're having fun!
There ya go Buddy!

Back from a GREAT vacation and hitting the ground rested and running!

Lots of stuff to show n tell but wanted to just get this up quick and let everyone know I'm back and C.L. and I will be back on stage Wed Aug 22nd at the Cliff House Resort and Thurs Rhumbline Resort
What kept me away so long...heres my view or should I say what I've been looking at for the past week

View from our deck on Megunticook Lake outside Camden Me

Something I've never done and.. I need your help

So where to start ...I did the Wed show to  a crowd of....3 people yup only 3 and wait for it...1 was a blind gentleman..or is PC now "sight impaired?" anyway I'm not sure why I broke my own rule of never do a show to less then 6 [never really had to test that rule till now]
So my cry for help is I out of my mind? a recovering alcoholic am I now in NEED of a stage and  audience? and here's the other went fine as 3 folks can be..but I still did my hour show... they laughed [sometime] and were appreciative as they left. There are of course more funny details of when and how they laughed or did not laugh which I may share in another post.
But I just thought I'd put this out here and see what the thoughts were....your thoughts please?
There ya go buddy..oh yea ...heres the Crowd

P.S. I hope I see more at my next shows

Thurs Rhumbline Show...Bus tour group arrive early in the summer!

So its only Aug but a bustour hit K'port already...This happy trio enjoyed C.L. and myself and were just part of the group that bussed all the way from Michigan.
Glad they could still laugh!
So when are you gonna make the trip to the funniest show at two of the prettiest Resorts in York County Maine???? Wed and Thurs 8pm showtime

Learning how NOT to take a crowd pic!

Ok Wed Show at The Cliff House Resort the family from Ohio was having so many laughs with their 15 yr old son I had to take this pic...but I thought I was zooming in ....iPhone's dont zoom well,

You be the judge!
Then come out and judge me...just be prepared to be found guilty of laughing!
There ya go Buddy!