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Now for more about me
TTTom Clark As:

 Hospitality Speaker/Corporate Impostor:

"TTTom's performance (as a comic imposter at our national manager's annual meeting) couldn't have gone better. Andy Kaufman would have been proud of TTTom's performance. What he did was set the stage perfectly for the meeting to follow." John Meehan, Founding Partner, Flatbread Co.

"TTTom was tremendous. He had our manager's buying it hook, line and sinker." Jim Harrison, Managing Partner, Flatbread Co.

“I would recommend this highly entertaining and effective presentation to anyone in the restaurant business….” Pam Padget, Co-owner Allison’s Restaurant

“Your seminar was timely, relevant, and well received…You have a great message”
Alice Wilkins, Special Projects Director, Maine Restaurant Assoc.

 "I think relating the subject of hospitality employment to the characters in the Wizard of Oz is a great idea, as it is pretty universally-known and very well-liked story.  You related it very well to the subject, and it was entertaining.  To me, the point you made about the entrepreneurial nature of “waiting tables” is a home run.. Overall, it was very entertaining, informative, and my staff has responded well to your work.  Thanks again!"
Jay Bolduc General Manager Laconia T-Bones/Cactus Jacks

“If you’re in the hospitality business, the face of your employees is one of the factors that separate you from the competition. TTTom does an excellent job of putting a smile on that face and putting the customer first. If you have yet to try his services, you might end up crying in your beer.”
Jerry Prial, General Manager/President, Redhook Ale Brewery

"Your performance at the meeting helped us accomplish several goals…you helped us make the meeting memorable and drive home the message that Concha y Toro is an important brand, mostly, the sales force enjoyed the meeting and laughed all night."
Alicia B. Angione
Brand Manager, Banfi Vintners

"Tom Clark [as a comic impersonator] brought a breath of fresh air to our rather long afternoon of product training with his schtick...He has a natural gift for stand up and can adapt to any setting.  He had many believing that he really WAS a motivational speaker until he got into his jokes and impersonations. A welcome addition to any business or social gathering.
Gary Halpern TriMark USA Inc. S.Attleboro Ma.
Tom Clark was great! First as his corporate imposter from Maine then as stand up comic. The laughs from his routine were just what our managers needed to end a long day of meetings and reviews at our Kitchen Managers Retreat.
Jeff Furbish, Area Director- Applebee's Restaurants

"Tom’s humor was in good taste and kept us well entertained and highly amused. I would highly recommend him to other organizations who would like to “spice up” their meetings or parties as we did. I would certainly use him again." - Alfred H. Dean, President, Midas Muffler, Lewiston, ME

"Tom Clark provided our meeting with rip-roaring state of the art comedy that had us all in stitches. I would recommend him highly to add spice, fun and just plain laughs to any gathering."
Gregory Lord, President
Systems Builders Association NH

"The talent Tom needed to combine a serious talk on stuttering and a comedy routine…must be tremendous. The audience, by their loud and enthusiastic acceptance of his efforts surely agreed with me. On behalf of the whole group, many many thanks."
Paul Phillips, Chairman
Nashua Memorial Hospital Stutters Group
Nashua NH

TTTom Clark as Maine Character  "C.L.Thomas":

"The Webb Lake Association of Weld, Maine held their annual meeting August 15th and as always, had entertainment after. TTTOM CLARK from Kittery came up to perform for us. WHAT A GREAT SHOW!! TTTom had us all in stitches the entire evening! We have had many entertainers here in Weld but TTTom stole the show. I have talked with many folks since the show and everyone was very pleased with his “acts”. If you are looking for Maine humor at its best, give TTTom a shout. You will NOT be disappointed!!!—"
Jon Holmes, V.P. of the WLA!!

"Thank you so much for adding so much to our event! Many commented on how much they enjoyed your show...don't be surprised if you get further inquires to entertain for more of our members."
Will Currier,
Capt. of the Guard
Massachusetts Consistory
Masonic Order

"Both TTTom Clark and his alter ego C.L.Thomas proved that there is humor,
entertainment and lots of laughter available on the Seacoast of Maine.  Every Wed night this past summer our house guests, the locals and those who came from other properties were amused and really laughed out loud!"
Brian Martin
Banquets Manager
Cliff House Resort
Ogunquit Maine

"Tom's Maine character was the highlight of the show...I've seen more then one Maine Humorist and Tom's was as good or better then all I've seen"
Dana Twombly, Director
TANE Spring Symposium
Summit Hotel, Newry Me.

"I heard the laughter from my office!"
Samantha Martin Co-Manager
Kittery Estates Senior Independent Living Community
Kittery Me.

“I saw seniors laughing here today that I never saw smile before!”
Janice Grady, Director, Kittery Recreation Dept after Senior Citizen Luncheon

“Thank you for entertaining our Bus Tour Guests…Looking forward to having you back next season!”- Rob Graffam
General Manager, Ogunquit River Plantation Resort

“Tom’s character is a very different storyteller and his brand of Maine humor sparked the residents’ imagination and brought back memories of the way Maine once was.”
Janet Wright, Community Sales Director, Atria Senior Living Group

“What an energetic and versatile person. You were witty and intelligent which was a perfect compliment to your audience…A fun transition from the business of our meeting.”
Patti Levenson, President, Ogunquit Playhouse Theatre Guild

“It was especially fun to see you work with the members of the audience. The men in the front row enjoyed the special attention, and the way you worked the big companion dog into your routine was fantastic. That sort of improvisation is especially refreshing these days. Thank you for putting a smile on our faces, and brightening the winter day. Say Hi to C.L. next time you see him. We look forward to having you visit us again.”
Jill V. Reynolds, Program Manager
Gibson Center for Senior Services, North Conway, N.H.

"What I love about Tom's show at The Colony Hotel is his hilarious  stand up followed by outstanding fresh Maine humor. All audiences will connect, enjoy laugh out loud belly laughs, and experience two awesome performances from one very funny comedian. Keep it coming, Tom."
Daniel Stevenson,  Economic & Community Development Director, Biddeford, Maine

TTTom Clark as Stand up comic:

"Seeing Tom’s killer closing set at The Founding Fathers Show during the Boston International Comedy Festival this year reaffirmed why he is in our rotation as a headliner at all our venues…he consistently gets the job done."
Dick Doherty, CEO
Dick Doherty Comedy Productions

"It was headliner Tom Clark who really grabbed the great guffaws and deep belly laughs. Alternating between monologue and sharp witted impromptu repartee with the audience, Clark showed a true mastery of his art."
Portsmouth Herald
Portsmouth NH

"Clark tickled some ribs with his quick fire routines and brought down the house with a super condensed version of The Wizard of Oz"
The Mountain Ear
North Conway NH

"Tom’s exceptional and original talents were demonstrated by his imitations...A truly impressive and engaging act."
Colgate Maroon
Colgate University, Colgate NY

"Tom’s rapid fire sequence of movie highlights drew heaps of appreciative applause."
Daily Chronicle, Woburn MA

"Tom’s resourcefulness in transfiguring the traditional and time honored into something refreshingly irreverent earns laughs. Despite his evident shyness or perhaps because of it, his delivery draws hilarity."
Lakeville Journal
Lakeville NY