Most Diverse Crowd Yet....Conn, PA even Delaware!

Last night's show saw the MOST walk ins ever i.e. people just coming in off the street after seeing ads or word of mouth..[Thanks Tourist News those ads paying off!!!}
Folks not just from all over New England but Pa and Delaware too!
Fun had by all even the guy standing up in the back [see pics]..does that mean I can call it an SRO crowd!
Hope to see more locals and YOU next week ..Call 207 967 3331 FMI
There ya go buddy

Mom and son in middle row...She saw my standup in the 80's in Springfield..
Been wanting to see me again since reading the ads..WOW and thanks!

Up against the wall!..Security or Fan???

The new room is off and running for the season!

A great show for only our second week in the New Room! A fun couple took time out from their wedding week with nuptials taking place this Sat, They met at Maine Maritime Academy and gave CL two big thumbs up as "the real deal from Maine"
Also a coworker from my bartending world stopped in from Portsmouth NH  to enjoy the "other side of TTTom"
Other new friends from Ct. Mass and Pa...all had fun with CL can too every Thurs night 8pm FMI 207 967 3331

Soon to be Newly-weds

Co worker with her beau in the back!