Good news..Great news and a Great offer

The Good news? I thought Aug ended my shows at The Colony...turns out Labor day is the official end so management has asked me to do another show next Thursday Sept you have one more week to catch the show there...the great news is The Colony has declared this season as another success and asked us back for the 2016 season!! OUR 4th year!!! Thanks to all the great crowds and and kind words that helped add to our the great offer?...well as luck would have it next Thurs is not only the last show BUT its my Birthday as well...and what better way of celebrating then asking all of you who read this to come as MY GUEST..yup my last show this season will be FREE to all who mention this website.
Thanks for a great season and come help me celebrate the end of my 5th decade [yea you do the math..its a big bday!]
Below are pics from last night's fun filled crowd

The Fort Meyers Group...with Dorthy from Kansas[?] far back right

Just waiting for the fun to start!

Some in the crowd took advantage of ME!

NO not that way crazy people....folks asked about the discount they saw here on my website...nice to know crowds not only coming to enjoy the show but looking us up here on the web too!...We had a great group mostly from New England with some great belly laughs, some shaking of the heads and all saying "That Ain't Right!!!" during and after the show! C.L.and I always enjoy not just the banter during show but great conversations with the folks before and after the show...Cool to get to know the fans!...The pics below are from the fancy upstairs room but most agreed with C L that the downstairs "Comedy Cave" was more fitting for our show.
 So you have ONE last show before we go into monthly Fall mode at locations to be annouced shortly!...Hope to see you Aug 27th for our last Thurs at The Colony Hotel...
There ya go buddy
Nice couple waiting for the fun and gentleman behind had real nice chat beffore the show too!

These 3 in front turned into huge Wizard of Oz fans during stand up part of show!

New England Fans are the best as August crowds reach record numbers!

New Englanders Rules!...What a difference with a home town crowd...laughs from start to finish as Conn. Mass. and Rhode Island fans whooped it up this past Thur... Proof is in the pics below.
Join the fun next week 8pm with only 2 more shows left this summer...and Management moves me upstairs to a new room...come see why!!!

PS Check out the new tab to your right with videos, including C.L.Thomas's new webseries

Couples took right side of room...except for family in back

Friends of all kinds take left side as everyone smiled for CL


Seemed like family night last Thurs

C.L.Thomas I and had 2 sets of 5 family members along with other fans last Thurs and its always fun to see parents and kids enjoying the show. Oh this post is late cause I took a bit of a vaca up in Andover Me right after the show...also pics AGAIN didnt come out as well as I'd have liked...but good news is we ALL had fun and lots more signing up for email list and getting the new bumper stickers.
So 3 more shows left this summer with all of them being "Locals get a discount"...ask about it at the door!
There ya go buddy!
Best buds in front, fun couple behind them and family from Montreal hiding in back

Mom laughing as son gets caught on cell of family behind enjoying the fun!