Matinee and Evening shows for C.L.and TTTom...a First!

C.L.Thomas and I had a busy Sat with an afternoon show for the great folks at Kittery Estates as Kerrie Furbish and her staff had me back to help celebrate their 5 year Anniversary with a full house of smiling seniors who I always love to entertain. You never know what your gonna get..,example: one gentleman keep raising and waving his hand..finally I felt I had to ask him if he had a question or needed to speak ...his reply.."GOTTA PEE!"...brought the house down as he simply walked out of the room!!...Love it!
Then that night off to do another C.L. Show for the folks at The York Harbor Inn, York Me. for their "Lobster Lover's Weekend! The show sold out with SRO and wow what a great crowd...hats off to Paul and ALL the staff there, a great group of professionals. Stop by to see all the amazing things that Chef Bonsey can do with a lobster! Tell em C.L.Thomas sent ya...and look for when C.L.will be there again.
Yup... They want us back!!
There ya go Buddy!

A roomful of happy Seniors at Kittery Estates

A smiling couple from Ct. enjoying C.L. at York Harbor Inn

Another C.L.Thomas video..."Doin Nuthin"

Getting better at home editing and getting sit and write MORE
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Plus we got a day/night show coming up this month...stay tuned for details!
There ya go buddy!