Boston Comic Legend Mike Donovan gives C.L.Thomas CD a BIG Thumbs Up!

My friend and comic mentor Mike Donovan was kind enough to pen these words after listening to my C.L.Thomas CD.."How To Be a Better Tourist"...Mike's a guy who's been called "a comic's comic" He's been on The A list of Boston's comedy scene since the beginning..A National Act who has been an influence on most every comic out of Boston [including myself]
 I was humbled at his kind words!
Thanks Mike

  It's better than great. I loved it. Perfectly done. Touching, subtle
hilarious, a total case of less is more. By not trying too hard
you put forth a supreme effort. One of the best things I ever
heard. I hope it lasts a thousand years. The Storrow Drive
thing I couldn't hear it all I was laughing so hard. The opening
53 seconds of the CD is beautiful. You can't afford to be a gentle man
in the clubs, but on a studio CD, you can be as nice as you want to be, as
a lot of us wish we could be, but the rough club scene won't us.
Wonderful pacing. Just tremendous. Stirring. How I love excellence!
Made my day. Fuckin great.
Mike Donovan
Also for more on all that Mike does [he's a published historian and frequent guest on WBZ radio]
Again thanks Mike!
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