Turkey Day Already?..leaves snow and Holidaze!

Front lawn raked.? check! Back lawn?..ah ..maybe...Then I was going to remove the uncarved pumpkins [uncarved being the "thing" this year on our street, I guess we were all lazy!] from our front steps until I saw the neighborhood squirrels had set up house in all the pumpkins on the street!..Yup food and shelter all in one orange container..too funny! Speaking of food all the plans for travel and family in full swing as we have arranged time with both sides of the families pleasing both wife and child and cousins and Aunt, Uncles etc...Thanksgiving should be great! My goal is to finally sit down and read my friend Lars Trodson's mystery novel "Eagles Fly Alone" while everyone else is killing themselves at the malls!
Hoping your Turkey Day finds you all grateful for the family, friends and love, we have in our lives!
I know I am.
There ya go Buddy!

No Fall Back here!..I just keep running forward!

Love this time of year..the smells the cool night air..oh maybe the snow could have waited until Nov..but Fall is my favorite time in Maine...and the work keeps coming too...I'm waiting on a copy of my first political voice over ad that ran the week before election day. I'll post when I get it..it was nice to be paid to promote an issue I believe in!  Also I have a DVD of me/C.L.Thomas at The Comedy Studio Cambridge MA Thanks to owner Rick Jenkins and a great staff...had some cool feedback and again as soon as my tech guys figure out how to download it to hard drive it'll be posted here too [and yes I already asked my teenage daughter!]
Nice crowds and good times had at stand up gigs in Portland Me and Newburyport Ma recently and looking forward to Auburn Me. this weekend [see upcoming gigs page]..and last but not least I want to thank all of you out in cyber world for this website hitting the 3,000 hits mark...as I used to say in my Morning DJ days....The hits just keep on coming!!!
There ya go buddy!