Thurs Rhumbline ALMOST a sell out..late breaking news!!

What a great crowd!..and a major goof on my part..I forgot to take a pic of the near sellout crowd during the show and I was a tad busy packing after the show to get on the road for a 10 hour ovenight drive to my College reunion..long story, but suffice to say I didnt get a picture and I haven't had a chance to add to this blog until now..So first a big thank you to all the families..yes families..3 with teens that came to laugh and boy did they ever...also a tip of the hat to the other guests at the Rhumb Line that added to the fun, soo much fun...
And what do I do next?? How about a challenge? To the locals at both venues this week..Wed Ogunquit, Thurs Kennebunkport...let me see your faces, check out C.L. and me and prepare to laugh!!!!!! Call for your reservation or
There ya go buddy!

Cliff House crowds grows and grows

Ladys to the right from Maine..folks to the left Boston vacationers 

C.L. and I had great fun last night as these pics show! Fun folks from Maine[making sure C.L. is the real deal!!!] and others from away, even some from my old stomping grounds of Woburn Ma. And a winner got a "How To be a Better Tourists" CD!!!!
There ya go buddy!
And the CD goes to the gentleman on the left!!

Another Thurs Night Show in the Record Books

Great folks fun crowd..including an old...ahem..oh I guess he'd prefer "former" collegue from my "Singer Waiter Days"..See  the pic above of Chip Benson and his son ..Chip was an 18yr old bellhop at The Naragansett Hotel on Kennebunk Beach way back when I sang in the Dining Room ...the other pic is Honeymooners loving it up at The C.L. Comedy Show..Hope to see even more fun folks next Wed at The Cliff House Resort Ogunquit  or
Thur at The Rhumb Line Resort
There ya go buddy!!!

Summer shows growing in numbers and fun! Plus your chance for free tix

My N. H. fans

Conn. Fans Too!

 A great crowd showed up  Thurs night for our new CL   show at The Rhumb Line Resort with SUCH a variety of regions  represented NH, Conn, Pa. and even The U.K. and of course some Mainers makin sure C.L. and I are the REAL DEAL...and they all added some great interactions keeping the show fun and lively just like C.L. likes it.
     Also below is the room set up for Wed night show at The Cliff House Resort...
                             and yes that is a great ocean view out that window!!!
                           Call now for seats this weeks show at both resorts!!
                                                   See ya there buddy!
P.S.  Oh yea.. You want 2 free tix at either venue? the FIRST to email me thru this website and they're yours.  Good luck! 
The Set up at Cliff House Resort

Pics from 1st show of the season at The Rhumb Line Resort

the chart room @ The Rhumbline
The stage is set for "funny"
Great people had a fun time last night at the Rhumbline in Kennebunkport..a not so great shot taken from my iPhone [I'm still learning] of fans from Waltham Ma but vacation at their home at Goose Rocks beach...the said they've read the ads for the last 2 yrs and FINALLY got to the persitent fans...other pics are the stage and room before the show ..this is a really nice room with a great set up!!! come out next week and see what you're missing
There ya go buddy!

Summer Shows begins..C. L.Thomas Shows start Thurs

This Thurs July 5th C.L.Thomas show starts our 5th season at The Rhumb Line Resort Kennebunkport go to for info and to reserve your seat! This season we're talking about the usual Tourists Teenagers Technology but also how this winter was "The winter that WEREN'T!" should be lots of fun and hope to see all my FB fans in their usual seats!!! If you havent "friended" my fan page go there now [TTTom's Fan Page on Face book] .... as we'll have drawings for fan free tix!..Come on do it man...everyone is ...come on,what you afraid?..your mom wont let you come on man whats wrong!!!
And next Wed starts our 2nd season at The Cliffhouse Resort in Oguquit go to FMI ...The same deal for free tix applies!
There ya go Buddy!