Colony Hotel 1st show a Grand Success!

What a great crowd, what a fun show! The summer is off to a great start and big thank you's to the Management and Staff at The Colony Hotel Kennebunkport. If last nights show is any indication I'm in for ALOT of fun this summer.  Sure hope I see more of my old fans and lookin forward to making new ones!
Check out these pics with apologies for my shakey hands...just havin TOO much fun!
and the video of C.L. explaining his outfit.
See ya at the next show July 11th and every Thurs after.


C.L.Thomas summer shows start June 27th at The Colony Hotel Kennbunkport

These are pictures of the new venue for my Thurs night summer show starting next week June 27th 8pm
207 967 3331
This is going to be the BEST SUMMER EVER
TTTom as "C.L.Thomas"
Tourists, Teenagers, Technology, and
Other Things That Ain't Right 

View from lobby of The Colony Hotel
View just outside the Show Room