Pictures of some good looking crowds!

I've got a joke now about my iPhone ..and I get to take pictures of the crowd from the's just a sample of the last few shows...pardon the lack of clarity for some...its the joke that matters on stage so its hard to take care in taking the pic...but I do mention I'll post it on this being a man of my word...Better late than never!

Cranmore Mt Show
North Conway NH

St. Mary's Hospital Employee Award Banquet Lewiston Me.
Mamma Di's Show Portmsouth NH

There ya go Buddy!!!

Short video of New Years Eve show...finally

Still learning this tech after much sweat, keyboard pounding, and unsavory language towards no one in particular..a sample of what was a great New Years Eve show at The Brookstone Park, Derry brief view of hair loss...Please forgive the amateur production quality just enjoy the joke!

There ya go buddy!