Not winding down...more like "All wound up!!!"

More fun on Monday Maine Comedy Night at The Colony Hotel!
Summer is flying by with just a few more shows, so get in on the fun while it last ...right up to Mon Sept 4th Labor Day!
Cya there buddy!

Cool couple from Boston Burbs!

Great group with my " fancy burlap curtain background "
Family with 2 boys ..CL got them involved in the fun!!!

Another show in the books, more fun, and a few more shows left.

The hits keep coming as the old DJ's used to say (being one, I can say that!)
What lacked in numbers made up in enthusiasm and love ...see the love below!
We are winding down the season..but no reason to hold back on the laughs.
Come be a part of CL Thomas at The Colony Hotel Monday Night Maine Comedy at 8 pm


Fun on the other side of crowd too...except lady below..

Still not sure why she was hiding!

Right in the thick of it now!! Summer shows at The Colony

Some pics from last week's show and can't wait for tonight! This is what summer's all about fun sun and lots of laughs!
Come be part of it 8pm Colony Hotel Kennebunkport FMI 207 967 3331

Blurry back row time sit upfront LOL

Mom and 2 sons...The boys liked TTTom's voices and CL's attention !

More back row fans trying to hide 

Great 2 weeks of shows!! Just catching up to post fun pics!!!

With apologies to my first 3 weeks of crowds, last night's audience was the best of the season! Talk about fun, interactive, and there to laugh..Wow! CL and TTTom  can't remeber having more fun on stage! Join in the fun next Mon night and let's kick off August  with more of the same.
See pics below from both this week and last.
Cya Monday at 8pm..There ya go buddy!!

Great laughers on the left side of the room last night!

Fans from past show in Leominster Ma..above and below. Always good to see repeat fans 

Last week show youngest fan! A great smile

Friends from Portsmouth made the drive!

Took pic of front row and didn't realize had "witness protection" fans behind