A Small world and such a good time as 2nd Show in the books

Another small world story ...couple at my show last night from town I lived in 5th -9th grade...Brookville Md. Love my job making new friends laugh...it was couples night!!!! See the only 2 pics that came out below!
Join the crowd next Mon 8pm and see why ..CL Thomas says..."Things Ain't Right!"

The nice couple from Brookville Md

Great way to kick off the season...3 generations

So happy to see a great crowd for our first show....and especially a group of  smiling faces belonging to a family of 3 generations...also visitors from Rhode Island and a couple "coming back to make Maine home again"..best part?..2 thumbs up from youngest members of the 3 Gen family...kids dig this ole guy!
Looking forward to more smiles all summer long ...Every Monday. ..Be there or be square!
There ya go buddy!

Kids(2 thumbs up) with Grandma to right Gramps behind and Mom to left

Waving HI to say great to come back home to Maine

Dad n Mom in the middle of the 3 generations! 

New Night CL Thomas starts tomorrow at Colony Hotel

Yes CL Thomas summer show is back at The Colony Hotel 8pm new night MONDAY
So glad to get back in The Rose room..and it's our 5th year