July shows end with a bang...Cant wait for August Crowds!

Wow what a fun crowd last night...both C.L. and TTTom worked them and had more laughs on both sides of the mike ...BIG fun. New fans from Columbus Ohio, N. Andover Ma . San Fran Calif....and a foursome from ALL over who couldn't wait for the Blueberry Pie!!!...[long story!]
Below are some pics to show for it ...Shoot me an email if you were at this show..love to hear from my new fans.... C.L. and I cant wait to see who we meet in August!
Hope its YOU!

The show's about to start

Couple from N.Andover with" Smaht blonde" behind them

He's sitting on a book he brought in...Really!.
.Not sure why..maybe thought he'd be bored!..Didn't happen!