Entertained at a great Christmas Party in Falmouth Me.

The employees of Senior Living Communities, The Highlands, Highland Green and Oceanview at Falmouth all came to their Holiday party for a laughing good time at The Falmouth Country Club and C.L.Thomas and I did what we do best..and had ALOT of fun.
Thanks to all the staff, especially Debbie Washburn for bringing it all together!
Some pics of the fun time...hope to see you all again next year.

One fan with same "hair challenge" as TTTom

Women on left from New York..
C.L. forgave her anyway!!


  1. Awesome Pics. Looks Like A Very Receptive Audience
    Congrats TTTOM !!!!

  2. I know everyone enjoyed your show from the comments, smiles and
    laughter in the room. One person even said,” I cried because I laughed so hard.”
    You made our night complete.
    You are a talented man and we thank you for sharing your gift with us.
    I will highly recommend you to others.
    Best wishes and thank you until we see you again.