Summer shows growing in numbers and fun! Plus your chance for free tix


My N. H. fans

Conn. Fans Too!

 A great crowd showed up  Thurs night for our new CL   show at The Rhumb Line Resort with SUCH a variety of regions  represented NH, Conn, Pa. and even The U.K. and of course some Mainers makin sure C.L. and I are the REAL DEAL...and they all added some great interactions keeping the show fun and lively just like C.L. likes it.
     Also below is the room set up for Wed night show at The Cliff House Resort...
                             and yes that is a great ocean view out that window!!!
                           Call now for seats this weeks show at both resorts!!
                                                   See ya there buddy!
P.S.  Oh yea.. You want 2 free tix at either venue? the FIRST to email me thru this website and they're yours.  Good luck! 
The Set up at Cliff House Resort

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